October 2011 Newsletter: Portfolio Optimization, Payoff Or Keep Mortgage & More

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2 Lectures: Real Estate Investing Basics & Real Estate and Tax Implications


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5 Steps to Prosperity Paradigm


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Investment of the Week


Rent is $750/month

Rehabbed & Rented

Financing available*

ROI: 15%

* Good/bad/no credit, LLC can get financing.

3 Beds, 2 Baths, 1331, Sq. Ft., 1986 Built, 2011 RehabbedInterested to learn more about this property? – email



Optimizing Your Portfolio


How I helped an investor to save more than $30,000 a year. 


Several months ago I had a meeting with an investor. This investor had accumulated 40 properties over the years. He had asked for a meeting to evaluate his portfolio’s performance and to pick my brain about several issues he is having with few of his properties.


Through a series of questions we have reviewed his properties and his portfolio altogether. This session had provided him with an expert’s fresh eyes on his performance and portfolio.


By the end of the meeting he had an action items list of items he needs to complete to improve his performance, i.e. to create a  safer and better ROI. In addition and through a series of suggested changes, I have illustrated to him how he can save over $30,000 every year. After a long silence his reply to me was “That means I can buy a new beamer every year!


If you own multiple properties and have not held a portfolio review for some time, I suggest you hold one, soon. Feel free to contact me to schedule a meeting.





Payoff the House or Keep the Mortgage?


By Bhupinder Shergill


Mortgage payoff use to be very common for our past generations and they usually didn’t wait to pay the home off for 30 years. Times have changed for our generation, now growing older and retiring with a mortgage is the norm.


For those of us who are 10, 20, 30… Years away from retirement, should we pay down extra towards the principle and pay off the mortgage off early?


Why should I pay the mortgage off early, what about my tax deduction?


Can I find another investment that pays more than interest I am paying to the bank?


Tax Deduction:

Let’s do a trade – I’ll pay you back 35 cents for each dollar you pay me. Would you like to make this trade? If so, I’ll gladly be the counterparty and take the dollar. Joke aside, that’s what mortgage tax deduction is doing for an average family. [Read more]



Atlanta Market Rental Factors


The metro Atlanta population has grown by 2.4 million in the last 20 years, and the region is now home to more than half the state’s population.


Metro Atlanta is expected to add nearly 2 million people – greater than the population of metro Austin, Texas, moving here – and 1 million jobs by 2030.


From the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Chamber 101 report:


Population Growth

2000-2008 72,000 per year

2008-2010 20,000 per year

2011-2020 projected at 90,000 per year


Job Market

2000-2008 63,000 jobs a year

2008-2010 loss of 200,000 jobs

2010-2020 projected 60,000 jobs added per year


[Read more]


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