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What is guided investing?

Guided real estate investing is a hands-on approach to real estate investing created for beginners. Rather than only providing courses, we guide you through the entire process from pre-purchase to post-purchase.

Once we help establish your goals and create a custom strategy, we help you select your investment property, guiding you and teaching you every step of the way.

We believe that beginner real estate investing shouldn’t be taught in theory but in practice. With experts by your side, risk is mitigated and training is much more effective.

It's Simple. Really Simple.

1Intake Form

2Strategy Session

3Process Initiation

4Make Choices

5Network Access

6Finance Success

Guided Support

Provide you with support during the long rental period





  • Help you define your investment criteria
  • Help you determine the most suitable investment program
  • Help you define and overcome obstacles
  • Help you decide on an investment strategy
  • Help you understand and select the best financing options
  • Ensure you understand the specific purchase process relevant to your investment program
  • Make sure you are financially ready to invest
  • Introduce you to our remote teams
  • Introduce you to excellent professionals such as CPAs, attorneys, lenders, insurance agents, and more


  • Answer questions regarding your purchase
  • Help you understand, review, and analyze properties
  • Help you choose the right investment property


  • Provide our proven “Landlord Course” to you
  • This course will teach you how to be a better and more successful landlord (when working with property managers)
  • Answer questions regarding your purchase
  • Provide ongoing support
  • Provide you with our property management tools including:
  • Post-closing checklist
  • Property income/expense tracking

Ready to start your real estate investment training?

Step 1: Fill out our intake form:


Step 2: Hold an introduction meeting to go over your questions and concerns

Step 3: Review Simply Do It agreement

Step 4: Hold the 2nd session: Kickoff
We’ll go into details about the process, provide suggestions and tips on moving forward, calibrate expectations, and finally select metros and introduction to local teams, markets, lenders, etc.

Step 5: Review properties

Step 6: Submit offer/s on relevant one/s

Handpicked Investment Properties

We make it easy by hand selecting real estate properties in multiple areas across the US. We work with our team of area experts to analyze every detail of each property so that you don’t have to.

View Sample Properties

Sign-up to View 14+ of Our
Educational Videos (Free)