All are very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and super helpful.

An amazing team over at Simple Do It, led by Dani. All are very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and super helpful. They helped me greatly to navigate through uncertainty and helped me to get out from some bad situations. Will definitely recommend to everyone who wants to get into real estate
- Yosi B

Dani is like a real estate superhero

I can't say enough good things about Simply Do It and their exceptional service. From the moment I stepped into the world of real estate investment, Dani and his team have been my guiding light. Here's why: Dani's Availability and Responsiveness: Dani is like a real estate superhero. Whenever I had a question or needed advice, he was there--day or night. His responsiveness is unmatched, and it made me feel like a valued client. Practical Advice and Wealth of Knowledge: Dani doesn't just give generic advice; he tailors it to your specific situation. His practical insights helped me navigate the complex world of real estate. Plus, he shares his wealth of knowledge generously. No Sales Pressure: Unlike other companies, Simply Do It doesn't push you to buy anything. Instead, they act as a knowledge hub. If you're genuinely interested in their services, you'll find your way to them. It's refreshing to work with a team that respects your autonomy. Three Rental Properties and Counting: Thanks to Dani and Simply Do It, I've purchased three rental properties already. Their expertise and support have been invaluable. I'm even eyeing more properties for the future! In summary, if you're serious about real estate investment, Dani is your go-to guy. Trust me; you won't regret it. Simply Do It is the real deal!
- Slavik L. San Francisco, CA

Total profit so far: Just over $1M in 4 yrs

Like other folks said, Simply-Do-It/Dani are the real pro who you can trust. We have bought the first rental with them 4 years ago and we kept coming back for more - we have bought eight properties with them so far. Here are some performance numbers from the last 4 years (I'm a software engineer so I'm data driven): - Avg. annual cashflow: 4.3% (after mortgage, all expenses, vacancies) - Annual principal pay down: 24k - Avg. Annual appreciation: 14.4% (57% with leverage) - Total profit so far: Just over $1M - Total investment: $436k - #Trips to view the properties: 0 Those are insane numbers and beat the stock market by about 3x. Granted that we got lucky with the timing a bit but the SDI's model really works and they make a lot of stuff easier/more efficient. Suffice to say, we couldn't be happier and will definitely keep buying more.
- Sata B. Redmond, WA

highly professional consistent and with very strong network of experts

highly professional consistent and with very strong network of experts. working with simply do it is a great expirience and a huge satisfied success. I've been working with them for many many years and highly recommend them since they are the top leaders in what they do. great job Dani and team. Assaf
- Assaf H.

From a lecture to two homes in a few months

Several months ago, I nervously dove into real estate with my first remote rental property, armed with zero experience. The start was a lecture I attended a several months ago, where Dani spoke and explained in simple terms how anyone can invest in real estate. Dani's team made the daunting task remarkably easy for a first-timer like me. His network of vetted professionals and a user-friendly tool for cash flow projections were pivotal. Now, I'm already getting ready for my second purchase, Dani's ongoing support and expertise have been the backbone of my journey. From initial nerves to confident strides, Dani has truly earned my stellar 5++ rating!
- Adam K

my experience with Simply Do It has been nothing short of outstanding

From the very beginning of my journey in real estate investment, Simply Do It has been an absolute game-changer. Their expertise, professionalism, and dedication to their clients' success are evident in every interaction. What sets Simply Do It apart is their comprehensive approach. They're not just about finding you a property; they're about finding the right property for you. Their detailed and personalized property selection process is impressive, taking into account individual investment goals and market trends to ensure the best possible match. The level of support provided by Simply Do It is unparalleled. Dani B, in particular, has been a standout. His responsiveness and attention to detail are top-notch. Whether it's a major decision or a minor query, Dani and the team are there to guide you through, often going above and beyond what's expected. Their proactive approach in handling issues, even those I hadn't anticipated, has been a huge relief and a major factor in the smoothness of my investment journey. One of the most commendable aspects of Simply Do It is their on-ground support team. They make the process seamless, handling everything from paperwork to property management. It's clear that they prioritize building a trustworthy, efficient, and supportive network for their clients. Overall, my experience with Simply Do It has been nothing short of outstanding. They've not only helped me make informed investment decisions but have also provided an educational journey, enhancing my understanding of real estate investment. I highly recommend Simply Do It to anyone looking to venture into real estate investing. Their professionalism, expertise, and genuine care for their clients set them apart in the industry.
- Liran A

several properties with Simply Do It

Over the years, we've bought several properties with Simply Do It and Dani. We're quite pleased with the results of those rental properties, and Simply Do It has been instrumental in guiding us through the purchasing process and addressing any questions or issues that arose during property management. Even years after the purchase, Dani continues to offer guidance and support whenever something comes up.
- Ehud P

investment property through SDI 7 years ago in the Nashville

We've bought an investment property through SDI 7 years ago in the Nashville Metro area. Same tenant and value of house has doubled. We're in the process of buying another property.
- Ohad T

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