I have had the pleasure to get to know Dani recently through his Real Estate Investment workshops

β€œ I have had the pleasure to get to know Dani recently through his Real Estate Investment workshops. I have attended several most recently, "Guides and Tools for Real Estate Investing". He is an expert in this space. His experience, knowledge and passion for this space make him a fantastic educator. He truly wants to teach and educate you how to be successful at real estate investing! I am looking forward to my continued learning's and future partnership with Dani. He is a real estate investment expert and I recommend him to anyone who wants to be an expert in this area.”
- Melanie Thistle

Highly Recommended

β€œ I had an awesome experience doing business with Simply Do It. They have a great team that guides you in every single step of the process. I bought a nice investment property in Houston area, which is now generating a great cash flow πŸ™‚ Thank you guys for all the help provided. -- Max”
- Max Moura

my feedback

β€œ Hey, I have been very pleased with the support and help provided by the simplydoit team. My purchase experience was a very nice one. we did have some challanges in getting the right property, but Dani was very helpful explaining and hand holding all the way. great experience !””
- Pranav

Professional with very quick turnaround

β€œ β€œDani and team are very professional. They have a top notch team in Houston which is where I bought. Dani is also a great mentor giving his honest feedback on every deal. I'm also surprised at the speed of his replies. He usually responds within hours and gives in-depth opinions. I'm a happy customer and I'm looking forward to a long investing career with Dani and his team.””
- Rohit Gandrakota

A true professional

β€œ β€œDani is one of the rare professional real estate investors that not only takes the time to do his due diligence, but also makes it a point to explain it to other investors clearly and logically. He has been in this business for nearly two decades and has seen the market goes in all possible directions. That gives Dani a mature and balanced perspective that investors can really appreciate. On top of that, Dani is a great person. Personable, honest, friendly and one that understands the value of relationships. I would be happy to recommend Dani to both folks who are getting started in real-estate, as well as more tenured investors.””
- G.A.

Wonderful experience

β€œ I've waited many years to get started. Mainly out of fear and inability to trust many companies out there. Simply Do It was just what I needed to get started a mix of independence and guidance to get started from beginning to end. Thank you Simply Do It for all the help. A big thumbs up and highly recommended.””
- Kev

Great Service from the Tampa Team

β€œ β€œThe Tampa team did a great job from beginning until signing. All the team was super professional, dedicated and detailed, making sure all aspects were covered. Great team!””
- Hilit Fuchs

Want to be a successful investor?

β€œ β€œI have worked with hundreds of Simply Do It clients over the years. They are by far the most prepared and professional of any group I have come across. If you are looking to be successful you better sign up soon because what they are offering is far less expensive then anyone I know. His clients are seeing massive results and returns with Dani's education and guidance. Being the owner of a large property management company and fellow investor myself I can see why his knowledge is so vital and important. The odds of succeeding on your own are statistically about 3%, however with the proper guidance and mentoring Dani has increased that to close to 98% success rate. That is only accomplished through years of knowledge and training. Trust me he is the real deal. I only wish I knew him when I was learning to invest I could have saved a lot of time and frustration learning from the best out there. If you are truly committed and want to be successful teaming up with Simply Do It is a no brainer!!””
- Steven Rozenberg

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