Dani Beit-Or

With over 20 years experience investing in US real estate, Dani uses his knowledge and experience to secure financial growth for beginners to experienced investors. Since 2004, Dani has worked on over 5,000 investment transactions, helping investors to build strong real estate property portfolios by investing in various US metros.


Dani helps both beginners and experienced investors by customizing each strategy based on experience, age, goals, knowledge and financial abilities.

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Dani Beit-Or has a story to tell— and he’s willing to share it with interested people all over the nation. It’s a story about success; about having a dream, working for it and making that dream a reality.


Beit-Or invests in real estate for a living. He has been doing it since he was, as he says, “life-finances illiterate” as a young man in Israel. Now, he knows exactly what he is doing.


As a young man, he had a good job with an engineering firm, making a satisfactory salary. But, he knew that he would not build wealth that way, and he had college debts to repay. His dreams were bigger than his situation at the time, and he began to look at investments. Real estate investment intrigued him. Now, years later, it still does.


Dani has developed a series of online seminars, classes and videos so that anyone who is interested in real estate investing can learn the principles, and benefit from his knowledge.

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