Our Mission

To empower individuals to financially benefit from residential real estate investments through our vast support system and proven guided investment training.


We believe that all individuals should profit from the power of real estate, thus we make it simple by mitigating risk factor, building a strong network across the nation and by providing hands-on training.

Our residential real estate investment philosophy

You shouldn’t be limited to investing exclusively in the area in which you live, thus we integrate short-term and long-term residential real estate investment strategies remotely. As an investor, you reap the greatest financial benefits, if you venture to markets outside of your local area. Remote residential investments can be extremely profitable and safe when done under the guidance of a professional team.



CEO, Leading Investment Expert & Mentor

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Slide “Thanks Dani for your support and guidance throughout the process. Always professional and available for advice and valuable input. I’d recommend your services for all new investment property buyers out there.” - G.A., Palo Alto, CA Slide “I worked with Dani on one deal a year+ ago. Dani is a great guy, very knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate transactions. It was a pleasure working with him and his team.” - Boris Liubovitch Slide “Dani, Thank you for being there for us. You confidently held our hands through the purchase process and supported us when we had some issues (as expected) you helped us explore all the best options. I’m mostly grateful for your taking the time and taking us through different possible scenarios finding a way for us to sell our investment property. The time you took to explain to us each option, making sure we understand it fully, was just remarkable. It’s amazing how with just a few of the right suggestions you were able to point us in the right direction and within 2 weeks we were able to solve a problem we were dealing with for many months. Thank you and if you ever need us to recommend you to other investors we’ll be happy to do so.” - Jen and Jon Goldman Slide “Dani has been a terrific advisor on real estate matters for me. I have called upon him on several occasions when I’ve wanted to make sure I’ve considered and weighed all possible options. His creativity and logical approach have helped me. I appreciate that I can call on him and know that he brings an impartial and practical perspective.” - Sandra Wing, Pleasenton, CA Slide “I have used Dani as my real estate investment coach. As a novice investor, Dani had helped me from the basic steps of underrating the foundation for investing in real estate, overcoming fears, figuring out where to invest, through working with me and preparing me for my field visits in different areas. His creativity and focus helped me stay on track and not lose focus. His guidance and hand-holding approach enabled me to purchase my first investment property in May 2010. I’m already in the process of buying more properties. I cannot thank him enough for the time, effort, and the countless times he had put things in perspective. I like his underline real estate philosophy: TCP – Trust, Communication, and Persistence!” - Guy Rotberg, Berkeley, CA Slide “Dani is very upfront, very analytical, and thinks outside the box. He goes the extra mile as a problem solver. Sometimes, I feel he is thrilled to tackle something different or new. I appreciate that he is very objective.” - Gracie Santos, Pleasanton, CA Slide “We are not real estate investors. Dani is our friend. From his real estate investment knowledge Dani was able to help us, as homeowners. Dani had met with us and was able to open our minds and get us thinking about ways to accelerate our mortgage. Thanks to him we were able to accomplish two main things. The first, save over $150,000 on our mortgage. The second, shorten the life of our loan – finish paying it off before we hit our retirement.” - Erez & Adi Galil, Mountain View, CA Slide “I have enjoyed working with Dani in different roles. First and foremost, Dani helped me ask the right questions when looking at an investment opportunity and he worked long hours to deliver as many good investment opportunities as possible for me to look at and evaluate for myself. I appreciate all of his efforts over the years. As a mortgage broker, I have also understood from Dani more of the issues and concerns that real estate investors have when applying for a mortgage. This has helped me become a more professional and educated mortgage advisor for my clients. I definitely recommend working with Dani if you are considering real estate as an investment vehicle for yourself. Mark Wiener Guarantee Mortgage San Francisco, CA” - Mark Wiener, San Francisco, CA Slide “I’ve worked with Dani for years. I have a ton of respect for his operational and marketing skills. He’s got a great sense of what’s going on within his business, with his customer, vendors and projects. As a result, he has full control of the reins and can get things done with expediency to further the company’s goals.” - David Roualdes, San Rafael, CA

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