We love our clients

Dani's personal touch. Dani spent hours (literally) on the phone and email with me

I first met Dani a few years ago, and he's been helping me secure investment homes in multiple states since. Beyond the insightful cash flow analysis which SimplyDoIt provides for any house you consider buying with them, and the vast network of providers they bring to the table, the thing that stood out the most to me was Dani's personal touch. Dani spent hours (literally) on the phone and email with me, helping navigate in what was uncharted territory for me. Among others, he helped me deal with different types of issues and conflicts with property management companies and vendors, set right expectations, and as necessary, step in directly and influence stakeholders, providing me with a much-needed back wind. I am looking forward to continuing the collaboration with Dani around real estate.
- Yaniv

All are very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and super helpful.

An amazing team over at Simple Do It, led by Dani. All are very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and super helpful. They helped me greatly to navigate through uncertainty and helped me to get out from some bad situations. Will definitely recommend to everyone who wants to get into real estate
- Yosi B

Dani is like a real estate superhero

I can't say enough good things about Simply Do It and their exceptional service. From the moment I stepped into the world of real estate investment, Dani and his team have been my guiding light. Here's why: Dani's Availability and Responsiveness: Dani is like a real estate superhero. Whenever I had a question or needed advice, he was there--day or night. His responsiveness is unmatched, and it made me feel like a valued client. Practical Advice and Wealth of Knowledge: Dani doesn't just give generic advice; he tailors it to your specific situation. His practical insights helped me navigate the complex world of real estate. Plus, he shares his wealth of knowledge generously. No Sales Pressure: Unlike other companies, Simply Do It doesn't push you to buy anything. Instead, they act as a knowledge hub. If you're genuinely interested in their services, you'll find your way to them. It's refreshing to work with a team that respects your autonomy. Three Rental Properties and Counting: Thanks to Dani and Simply Do It, I've purchased three rental properties already. Their expertise and support have been invaluable. I'm even eyeing more properties for the future! In summary, if you're serious about real estate investment, Dani is your go-to guy. Trust me; you won't regret it. Simply Do It is the real deal!
- Slavik L. San Francisco, CA

Total profit so far: Just over $1M in 4 yrs

Like other folks said, Simply-Do-It/Dani are the real pro who you can trust. We have bought the first rental with them 4 years ago and we kept coming back for more - we have bought eight properties with them so far. Here are some performance numbers from the last 4 years (I'm a software engineer so I'm data driven): - Avg. annual cashflow: 4.3% (after mortgage, all expenses, vacancies) - Annual principal pay down: 24k - Avg. Annual appreciation: 14.4% (57% with leverage) - Total profit so far: Just over $1M - Total investment: $436k - #Trips to view the properties: 0 Those are insane numbers and beat the stock market by about 3x. Granted that we got lucky with the timing a bit but the SDI's model really works and they make a lot of stuff easier/more efficient. Suffice to say, we couldn't be happier and will definitely keep buying more.
- Sata B. Redmond, WA

highly professional consistent and with very strong network of experts

highly professional consistent and with very strong network of experts. working with simply do it is a great expirience and a huge satisfied success. I've been working with them for many many years and highly recommend them since they are the top leaders in what they do. great job Dani and team. Assaf
- Assaf H.

From a lecture to two homes in a few months

Several months ago, I nervously dove into real estate with my first remote rental property, armed with zero experience. The start was a lecture I attended a several months ago, where Dani spoke and explained in simple terms how anyone can invest in real estate. Dani's team made the daunting task remarkably easy for a first-timer like me. His network of vetted professionals and a user-friendly tool for cash flow projections were pivotal. Now, I'm already getting ready for my second purchase, Dani's ongoing support and expertise have been the backbone of my journey. From initial nerves to confident strides, Dani has truly earned my stellar 5++ rating!
- Adam K

my experience with Simply Do It has been nothing short of outstanding

From the very beginning of my journey in real estate investment, Simply Do It has been an absolute game-changer. Their expertise, professionalism, and dedication to their clients' success are evident in every interaction. What sets Simply Do It apart is their comprehensive approach. They're not just about finding you a property; they're about finding the right property for you. Their detailed and personalized property selection process is impressive, taking into account individual investment goals and market trends to ensure the best possible match. The level of support provided by Simply Do It is unparalleled. Dani B, in particular, has been a standout. His responsiveness and attention to detail are top-notch. Whether it's a major decision or a minor query, Dani and the team are there to guide you through, often going above and beyond what's expected. Their proactive approach in handling issues, even those I hadn't anticipated, has been a huge relief and a major factor in the smoothness of my investment journey. One of the most commendable aspects of Simply Do It is their on-ground support team. They make the process seamless, handling everything from paperwork to property management. It's clear that they prioritize building a trustworthy, efficient, and supportive network for their clients. Overall, my experience with Simply Do It has been nothing short of outstanding. They've not only helped me make informed investment decisions but have also provided an educational journey, enhancing my understanding of real estate investment. I highly recommend Simply Do It to anyone looking to venture into real estate investing. Their professionalism, expertise, and genuine care for their clients set them apart in the industry.
- Liran A

several properties with Simply Do It

Over the years, we've bought several properties with Simply Do It and Dani. We're quite pleased with the results of those rental properties, and Simply Do It has been instrumental in guiding us through the purchasing process and addressing any questions or issues that arose during property management. Even years after the purchase, Dani continues to offer guidance and support whenever something comes up.
- Ehud P

investment property through SDI 7 years ago in the Nashville

We've bought an investment property through SDI 7 years ago in the Nashville Metro area. Same tenant and value of house has doubled. We're in the process of buying another property.
- Ohad T

commitment didn't end at the sale

Dani is great! His commitment didn't end at the sale, his continued support and guidance were very helpful. Highly recommended for anyone seeking more than just a transaction. I used him more than once and will keep recommending him to my friends
- Dan B

. . . outstanding experience . . .

I had an outstanding experience working with Dani and the Simply Do It team. Their in-depth knowledge, tailored approach, and professionalism made a significant impact on my investment journey. Dani possesses unparalleled expertise in the real estate market. He and his team took the time to understand my goals and crafted a personalized strategy that aligned perfectly with what I wanted to achieve. Their ability to simplify complex concepts made the process seamless. What impressed me the most was their dedication and responsiveness. Dani was always available through WhatsApp/phone to address my queries and provided insightful guidance every step of the way. Simply Do It's integrity and transparency were exemplary. They were forthright about potential risks, ensuring I had a clear understanding before making decisions. I will definitely work again with Dani and the Simply Do It team.
- Tal H

exceptional guidance!

I highly recommend working with Dani and Simply Do it, and get his exceptional guidance! As a real estate investor, they not only helped me optimize investments but also provided invaluable advice on selling my property. Expert insights, reliable support--highly recommend for anyone navigating the real estate market!"
- Greg S

He is an expert on anything related to single family house investment

Dani has been my go to person for real estate investment. He is an expert on anything related to single family house investment from identifying locations, houses, investment strategy and ongoing maintenance. He is also always available for practical advice. thanks!
- Michael H.

"makes us feel as if we are his best costumer"

Stopping by to share our experience with Simply do it. We have had a great experience. They offer support at all stages of the operation. Dani specially has been responsive and then some. Always makes himself available to support us and make us feel as if we are his best costumer - we are certainly not 🙂 if you are looking for a business to support you in this area, stop looking - this is it!
- Marina O

I've bought a property for investment two years ago and can't be more satisfied with the guidance and help i've received during this time. Even when its been rough and not easy Dani has always been there to share from his vast knowledge and experience. Simply Do It offer's something I've not seen any other company do - they teach you and they become part of your'e journey becoming a real estate investor. Highly recommended and will definitely work with them again.
- Antonio G

Great Investment Funds seminar

Some time ago I've participated in Dani's seminar regarding the establishment and management of Real Estate Investment Funds. The seminar was well organized and covered the complete process end-to-end. Dani has a lot of experience and was happy to share it with us. I've found the Seminar to be well educating and have incorporated some of Dani's insights into my funds as well. Thanks Dani!
- Elad Zachor

Loved working with you!

I wanted to thank Dani and the SDI team for all their help finding us our first investment property (hopefully of many!) out of our state. Dani was very attentive to all our needs, even during his travels abroad, and offered a lending hand and an insider's point of view during the process, even in stages where I didn't know he and the team could contribute. We were able to secure a great property, for a significantly better price versus what it is valued, merely because of Dani's negotiation tactics and recommendations through his vast experience. We highly recommend Dani and the SDI team, and will be back in the future for our next investment property.
- Aviv Shalgi

Made 2 successful investments

Really enjoyed working with Dani and the team on 2 investments in TN and MO. Investments are always time bound, lots of moving parts, quickly changing circumstances, and last minute problems that require prompt response and good judgement. We had ALL of those on both our investments, which is why Dani, his team, and his network of realtors, lenders and other stakeholders were super important to make this work. It's all about the people, their bias for action, and how well they play together. As a result, we were able to resolve all problems and successfully conclude both deals, and this is why I will be working with team Dani on my next investment as well!
- Yaniv Donenfeld

Wonderful experience - first investment

I recently did my first investment with Dani's [Simply Do It] help. I cannot thank Dani and his team enough to help me get started on this journey. Dani and Jessica were super patient with me. Always available to answer any questions and give me the confidence to take this step. I have learnt a lot from this experience and I am looking forward to continuing on this journey towards a strong financial future. Thank you Dani for everything you have done for me.
- Saket Saraf

SDI team made it happen!

Supper happy to be working with the Simply Do It team since 2016. Without them I would have not achieved my ambitious goals! Especially the ones for the last one year. Thank you SDI!
- Svetlana V

A great start with Simply Do It

2 years in after purchasing my two first investments, things are going great. Dani and the team guided and assisted us during wild 2020 Corona times and economy uncertainty. Their property management team is professional, responsive and executes well. Keep up the good job !
- Ziv

Excellent personal service

Once again (4th time), we had yet another excellent experience with a real estate deal through SimplyDoIt's network and with Dani's top notch personal service. This time Dani was extremely helpful with navigating a different market for us (TX) and working through complexities with the specific deal and property, with frequent texting and phone calls, endless patience answering all our questions, and proactively reaching out to us to talk about things he found important.
- Itamar O

Plenty of support on though transaction

I just wrap up my first purchase, it was a pretty though one the seller was not cooperative at all, the simply do it team went above and beyond to help make the deal happen, I can't thank Dani enough for all the advice, I wouldn't dare to make a transaction like this without his guidance
- Manuel Ocampo

Missori investment

I find Simply Do It as a well-oiled machine, that saves me a ton of time. It connects you to all trusted stakeholders (agent, PM, Lender, sometimes insurance..) that I don’t need to find myself. But I find that the most important thing is that I have Dani as my backup, and I super appreciate that on every request or issue I had, Dani was responsive and help to communicate with the service provider, or provided his opinion on the subject matter. This is probably the main reason why I invest through Simply Do It. I also want to mention the great work of the prime-lending, which is my second time working with them, and they are still the fastest lender I worked with, with decent rates, and required the lowest effort from my side, and always available to answer my questions. I also liked to work with Tammy the agent. She was very responsive and helped to resolve even the small details (inspection, issues, etc..) during the property purchase period. For improvement, I have noticed that the excel sheets (which are super helpful) are sometimes not so accurate. I find myself reducing the ‘rent’ numbers and increase ‘insurance’ to have a realistic analysis. In addition, I have found sometimes that our agent's recommendation purchase offer amount is higher than it should (This particular investment was purchased $10K less than the recommended offer). I understand that a higher offer will close the deal very fast, so it saves time for everyone, but as an investor, I want to optimize, to buy the lowest amount possible.
- Lior Maimon

Simply do it

The single most important step in ones real estate investing journey is the first one. just get in the game. Unfortunately this step is usually also the hardest one. Dani and "Simply Do It" platform provides investors with easy to use, low cost platform to make this first step. So far I've completed two purchases of rental properties with SDI and I'm very happy with the results. SDI opens the door to invest in strong rental markets and provides a network of realtors, property managers, lenders, analyzed properties and general support that makes long distance investing easy. I'm grateful for the opportunity to start my journey to financial independence by utilizing SDI platform and I highly recommend it to any one who wants to start investing in real estate.
- Ilan Tamir

Must have service

If you're new to real estate investing, then this is a must-have service. You want someone like Dani by your side, because every real estate transaction is unique, and experience is priceless. He knows the business inside out and always makes himself available for questions and advice.
- Jon

Great experience, highly recommended

With Dani's help we bought our first house (and then the second, third and forth). It was a pleasure to work with Dani and his team, they guided us every step of the way and went above and beyond. They are all very professional, and made the whole process easy and clear. Even after a few years, when I have a question, Dani is always available and happy to help. Highly recommended!
- R O

Working with professionals

Just accomplished my first investment in MO with Dani and the Simply Do It team. It took me some time to get into real estate mainly because I couldn’t find someone I could really trust on. I’m so glad I did it with Dani who is a real professional with endless knowledge, highly responsive, honest and modest… This is a challenging time and the market behaves different but the team have managed to adapt and pass through the many obstacles. I definitely recommend Dani and his team, and I will surely continue to work with them in the near future.
- Ronen

Highly Recommended

Dani and His team help us step by step all over the way, They were super professional, always available, got to the small details with a great attitude and full support. I highly recommend using their service.
- Orit Hmmer

Outstanding service!

Dani and the Simply Do It team are great. Without any real estate experience, I was able to acquire a house in TX, walk calmly through all the stages, and finding the right house, buying and renting it - all remotely. Dani's well planned and laid system and processes make it simple and achievable. I don't think I was able to accomplish this w/o Dani's guidance and involvement through every step.
- Udi

Great team and system inplace

I have done 3 deals with Dani, and got very good and fast response to all my needs. Hoping to work with him soon asap. Yan
- Yan Valsky

Great team and system

Hi, TNX Dani for sharing your experience and know how methodologies with me - a beginner investor. Hope to work with you and the team to accomplish my goals! Yan
- YAN Valsky

119 w short TN

smooth, great support
- Itamar Ostricher

Initial investment

Finally made my first purchase after many months of searching. The process was simple. The supporting casts help make the transition runs smoothly and few headaches. Dani was a great help.
- Loc Phan

Working with SDI

Dani and his team in TN led were great! Could not ask for more. Thank you!
- Svetlana

Overall Still Worthwhile

Dani's materials and his email and phone conversations are very helpful. Its great to have a mentor who is responsive, experienced and trustworthy. The forewarnings that Dani gives about working with agents and double-checking the rent are helpful.
- Roman Staroushnik

Rosecran Ct Lavergn, TN

This was my first real estate investment in the US and I was quite anxious about it … Both Dani and Stone River’s team in TN were attentive and highly professional throughout the process. What I most appreciated were the robust analysis, timely responses, vast knowledge of the market and the willingness to provide a professional and sincere opinion rather than saying what 'people may like to hear'. These are definitely the people I would like to have beside me in future investments. Thank you very much! Gal
- Gal Fain

Rental property

I was very satisfied with the level of service and prompt replies. I felt confident all along the way that I made the right choice choosing Simply-Do-It team
- Iris Barles

Home purchase

Very happy with Dani's and real estate agent help.
- Svetlana

Super Team

We are impressed and highly appreciate Simply Do It Team, Dani has done such a great job and works hard to ensure the level of quality that investors expect. You're in good hands!
- Avisow Real Estate, LLC

Help When I was In Troubl

I would like to tell you about nice FREE support I get from Dani Beit Or. On 2007 I bought a rental property in Georgia, with recommendation and support of my realtor “friend” in the bay area (NOT Dani Beit-Or / Simply Do It) . With his recommendation and promise for a good and reliable management co., I used [name deleted] in Cumming GA, to manage my property. Here is where the nightmare starts: Maintenance expenses never stop. One follow the other and it never end! I consult my realtor “friend” in Bay area about it. I had a deep feeling that something is fishy with all this “maintenance” issues. But I was not able to prove anything since I live in Israel. My “Friend” insisted that [name deleted] is OK. I call my other realtor friend in Arizona, [name deleted], and I told her about my problem. She kindly refer me to Dani Beit Or from Simply Do It. That was absolutely wonderful - I told Dani the whole story. Dani, kindly gave me FREE REFERRAL To HMY Realty Group in Norcross, GA. “Surprisingly” all maintenance issues stop immediately and I enjoyed a trustworthy and good management. So, definitely Dani Beit-Or had a major part helping me get rid of the bad property management and move to a supportive and honest HMY property management. A.R.
- A.R.

Help When I was In Troubl

I would like to tell you about nice FREE support I get from Dani Beit Or. On 2007 I bought a rental property in Georgia, with recommendation and support of my realtor “friend” in the bay area (NOT Dani Beit-Or / Simply Do It) . With his recommendation and promise for a good and reliable management co., I used [name deleted] in Cumming GA, to manage my property. Here is where the nightmare starts: Maintenance expenses never stop. One follow the other and it never end! I consult my realtor “friend” in Bay area about it. I had a deep feeling that something is fishy with all this “maintenance” issues. But I was not able to prove anything since I live in Israel. My “Friend” insisted that [name deleted] is OK. I call my other realtor friend in Arizona, [name deleted], and I told her about my problem. She kindly refer me to Dani Beit Or from Simply Do It. That was absolutely wonderful - I told Dani the whole story. Dani, kindly gave me FREE REFERRAL To HMY Realty Group in Norcross, GA. “Surprisingly” all maintenance issues stop immediately and I enjoyed a trustworthy and good management. So, definitely Dani Beit-Or had a major part helping me get rid of the bad property management and move to a supportive and honest HMY property management. A.R.
- A.R.

Unique Collaboration

I cannot be more emphatic and enthusiastic about Dani and his teams. I've done flips with him and bought several rental properties. Throughout the process, Dani has always been knowledgeable, professional, responsive, and friendly. It really has felt like working with a friend who is transparent about the process and has kept my interests at the forefront. He really looks at the big picture, which in my case is us working together for years to come. He is not in it for the short-term profit. Also - at every turn he was ready to answer questions patiently even though I am sure he has been asked similar questions hundreds of times. Thanks Dani!!
- T.S

Out of State RE Investment Made Possible

This service provided made it possible to invest properties in other states, without much hassle. The team is professional and knowledgeable! The entire process is easy and the experience was fantastic! I can't wait for my second investment.

Experience with 1st house

Did not know what to expect at the beginning, but throughout the process from buying to renting of my first house I felt I am in safe hands. Very happy with selecting Simply Do It.
- SV

Real Estate Investing Made Possible

Real Estate is an extraordinary asset class, but it requires time, knowledge and connections. Simply Do It Network made possible for me to hold a full-time job in tech and still have direct access to Real Estate. While there are quite a bit of different ways to invest in rental properties, I've found that the union of a robust mentorship program & direct access to the top Real Estate professionals and markets in the country, contributed to incredible 20%+ ROI right on 1st year. The value of the network has paid off multiple times by now, and I'm excited to keep growing my portfolio together with the network and stay on track for financial freedom.
- Bruno Tavares

helpful to the beginner

I heard Dani at a investing in real estate out of state class. He was insightful in telling us about his experience and what he personally did in his deals. No sales pitch was nice and the examples of the tools he used as well as sharing resources was helpful. Thanks!
- steve

Real Estate Investing Made Possible

Rental investing was pretty much impossible by working full-time as Software Engineer and living in the most expensive real estate market in the nation. Simply Do It made it possible. From the well-structured network of professionals, all support for Dani and the dozens of extra resources, I was very confident along the way. After going through property analysis, making offers, due diligence, and closing, I was on my way for my first property without much hassle. Now with a few rentals on my belt and a plan for financial freedom closer with each investment, I can confidently say I wouldn't be here if it weren't for Simply Do It Network.
- Bruno Tavares

Great presentation

Great presentation today. I especially enjoyed your excel analysis and the explanation of umbrella insurance. I know you mentioned that relocation services require furniture, so you should look into furniture rental companies like Cort Furniture or Fashion Furniture. Packages begin as low as $800/month and included pots and pans, cable, etc. The relocation services will also cover the cost of the furniture rental, and you can add a short lease term premium to the monthly rent. Great idea to use this option to give your realtor more time to sell.
- Billy Rosenberg

Golden resource

If you'd like to invest in real estate but don't have the time /connections to research investor focused real estate agents, property managers, home repair professionals, mortgage brokers, etc, SimplyDoIt can be your answer. I'm on my 6th project in 4 different markets with SimplyDoIt and I would not have had the resources to uncover these type of specialists in each area. With SimplyDoIt, I have developed confidence in the partners they’ve chosen allowing me to continue building my real estate portfolio throughout the country. So if you’re looking for no nonsense, straight forward and attentive advisors, I highly recommend checking out SimplyDoiIt!
- Nathan Parrott

I feel that I'm getting great advice from Dani!

I've worked with Dani for a few years now and I appreciate his clarity and his well-documented approach to real estate investing. He teaches his clients how to do meaningful analyses and follows through on projects to make sure everything is done correctly. I feel that I'm getting great advice from Dani!
- Judy Jennings

FL Flip

Dani and team updated me during the entire progress. The flip took few months longer than anticipated but the return was better than projected so no complains there! Overall, I am very happy with SimplyDoIt’s performance and the service provided. I am investing another two projects with them now!
- Alex Hsu

Investing w/o SimplyDoIt wasnt an option

We both work full time and have 2 little ones at home, going through this process without the Simply Do It support system was just not an option. As we are detail oriented, analytical people the team was the perfect fit for us. Sharing their vast experience combined with a very clear vision of keeping the investor interests in mind at all times just makes the decision to work with them a no brainer.
- Michal Soean

Dani is a great guy to work with.

“Dani is a great guy to work with. I've had quite a few conversations with him about real estate investing, and he's both very knowledgeable and a very pleasant person to talk to. He is a great speaker, and he always has many good ideas about how to solve problems related to real estate investing. He\\\'s always willing to help, and always willing to share information. I'd definitely recommend working with him.”
- Moshe Gat

Communication and a strong partnership

“In my business relationship with Dani it takes communication and a strong partnership to provide customer support. You could not have a better professional to guide you in the building of your property investment portfolio! He is a true professional and it is a pleasure to work with him!”
- Karen Sherard

I worked with Dani several times

“I worked with Dani several times , and bought one of my investment properties with him.\r\nHe knows a lot about real estate , always willing to help, and share a lot of information. In addition he is very reliable person you can trust . I"ll definitely use his services for my future investments , and I'd recommend to work with him to anyone that seriously think about real estate investments.”
- Boris Liubovitch

Dani is great

I liked working with dani.
- Uri

Dani has a lot of terrific traits

"Dani is my good friend and real-estate advisor; he is both professional and fun to be around. I highly recommend him. I have used Dani’s advice several times on real estate investing and he had been a great resource, truthful, genuine and very helpful”
- Sandra Wing

I've worked with Dani for years

I've worked with Dani for years. I have a ton of respect for his operational and marketing skills. He's got a great sense of what's going on within his business, with his customer, vendors and projects. As a result, he has full control of the reins and can get things done with expediency to further the company's goals.”
- David

simply do it houston purchase

The process went very smoothly and the local houston team screen out the property and after submitting about 10 offers, I got one property, every procedure was done smoothly and the property was rented out in two weeks after I acquired it. For a long distance landlord simply do it and the local realtor team helped me greatly and I built trust in them. Will invest again with them when there are good deals”
- Jianlei Shi

Simply Do It is great

“Dani and the team are great! I've worked with the team on several projects with excellent results. And during those projects, I was really glad to have Dani and the team to help make great decisions while navigating any external issues. That is really where working with Simply Do It and their combined experience really makes a difference in a positive outcome. The team is very up front with the whole process and makes it drama free which is just what I like. Bottom line, you'll be very glad you chose to work with Simply Do It.”
- Thomas C

Simply Do It hand help me to riches

Dani and Simply Do It team helped me get started investing in real estate. They introduced me to the local team, hand held me throughout the purchasing and getting a tenant, and were always available to speak and provide piece of advice. I was very satisfied with their help, knowledge, and expertise. Looking back, I wish I have met them earlier ;-)”
- Oren


“I wanted to thank Dani and Simply do it for the support and the help I got with purchasing my investment property. I have worked with many companies such as simply do it in the past but the quality of the agents Dani sent me to work with, far exceed what I have been used to. Dani was always available to take my call, give me advise and market condition.” Less
- Eido Einav

Rental Property Excel File

This is the file I\\\'ve been waiting for...I needed a file that I could just input the data and calculate the return. Thus far this file exceeds my expectations. Numbers don\\\'t lie so it make it easy to understand from a numbers perspective if buying a rental makes sense from a financial standpoint. I\\\'m very happy sharing this data with my clients...It can be a little intimidating at first because it can produce a lot of data...Just spend some time playing with different scenarios until become more comfortable with the spreadsheet. Afterwards you will thank Dan for spending the time and energy creating this type of file so you don\\\'t have...So far this file has been fantastic..I really like it.”
- Phil Simms

Outside Service

We have been working with Dani for several months now, it has been a joy since day 1. Dani and his team are the kind of professionals that speak from their own experience of many years in the field. We learned that in this kind of business experience is key to eliminate painful financial mistakes. Our process with Dani\\\'s team support was seamless and we were able to complete our first transaction in a short time and with no anxiety. I strongly recommend Simply Do It Services to anyone who plans to go into real estate investment.”
- Avi Mileguir

Buying my first home for investment

I was very nervous and not sure whether to buy a home, and how complicated it would be. But that was until I have met Dani from simply-do-it. Dani answer all my worries, gave me a worthy knowledge and connected me with his great local team. I studied Dani courses and used his team, and today I have my first home. I'm fully confident that it will be easy to handle with the great tools Dani provided me for following-up my property and expenses. I'm looking forward to buy my next house.”
- Sarit

Buying my first rental property

“It was a great experience working with Dani and the team in Houston. They walked me through all parts of the process and whenever I had a question or a concern they were very quick to respond and explain the process. They did an excellent job in the negotiations and were very clearly looking out for my best interest as an investor. I look forward to buying more houses and will continue to work with the team.”
- Ran

professional real estate services

“I’ve been working with Dani for a few years and benefited greatly from his professional services, vast knowledge and impressive networking. Dani helped me make a few successful investments and walked me through the market analysis and purchase process in great detail and with a lot of patience. I plan on making additional investments with Dani’s help and highly recommend his services.”
- Adi

Reliable, Friendly, Professional

“Dani has been an excellent guide to real estate investment. He has always responded promptly to any question and is very knowledgeable about the field. When I had questions about mortgages, ways to evaluate a deal, etc. he was able to answer and explain patiently and respectfully (even some of my basic questions). And above all, he really is a nice and relatable guy! I highly recommend working with Dani!!” Less
- Tzachi

Lecture Feedback 8-27-14

I really enjoyed the lecture and how simplified the concepts were explained. Plus, Dan has a sense of humor which is a plus :)”
- Jeannette Magana

Simply do it made it so simple!

“Simply do it supported me through the process of buying investment property from the beginning till completing the purchase. They were Professional, responsive, result oriented and had a broad offering. Will be happy to continue working with such a great team!”
- Hilit Fuchs

Most Recommended

I have performed 2 properties with Dani and I am happy Dani is a true professional , dedicated person that provided me with value detailed information and helped me take decision. So far I have gained more than 100% on my first investment and hopefully will do the same with the 2nd one”
- Avi Malka

Working with Simply Do It

“Gain substantial knowledge on investing in other cities across the states. He shows you the people and teams he trusts and works with and places his management team sees great growth potential. SDI helps you get off the fence and get involved by giving you all the information you need to start investing”
- Paul Harrell

First real estate investment

“Dani and his team are great. I just got the tenant on my first real estate investment property. It only took 6 weeks from when I found this property. 6 weeks for Offer - Inspection - Close - Make ready for rent - Find tenant. Everything went very smoothly.”
- Hideo

Exceptional Service!

I have very specific goals and targets about my financial future. However i did not know how to achieve that doing a full job and managing family time so for many years i just kept thinking on what could be done. And then one fine day, I have come across Dani's seminar and got very interested in the options he has offered about financial goals. Soon became very interested and started following every single seminar of his. Today i am half way through my goal and i have to say i received excellent service from Dani. I will continue to be his investors and will highly recommend to anyone who wanna pursue their financial dream.”
- SG

Exceptional Presentation

“I want to say a belated thank you for your October presentation in La Jolla. Your two hours was jam packed with relevant information. As a thirty year veteran of land lording, your presentation was great for a person considering the rental business”
- Brice Cole

Great Team

“The entire Simply Do It team and local teams are great, knowledgeable. Thanks for making it easy for us.”
- Dave Jameson

very happy with the results

“" . . . please meet Dani Beit-or, our real estate guru who’ll lead you with your real estate dreams J. We (and many of our friends) are working with Dani during the last few years and very happy with the results."”
- Oded F.

Great Team!

I have invested with the help of Simply-do-it / Dani for my first property in Houston. I know him for a few months now, had a couple of phone conversations with him. He is very prompt, organized and knowledgable. They have made the process very streamlined and easy for new investors. His network of RE agents, property managers and Lenders are of high caliber. I highly recommend him if you are looking to buy your first rental investment.”
- R.A

Happy Investor - Trust & Integrity

“Working with Simply Do It and specifically Dani was a dream come true for my first investment property. It took me 4 years to find the right situation for me to purchase and Dani helped to remove my barriers to entry. A huge barrier for me was trust, in the real estate business there are a lot of shady people. Over time Dani built trust with me, he spent a lot of time with me patiently answering all of my questions for many months. I believe in his philosophies of real estate investing. He is a conservative and practical investor never preaching about fast money like so many other programs do. Simply Do It helped me buy my first property in Texas and I live in Califirnia. For a new investor like myself to purchase out of state and to never visit the property was a big challenge for me, but the network that Dani has created makes investing so simple. I started off with close to $300 in cashflow and I don't loose any sleep at night thinking about the well being of my property! I'm thankful for meeting Dani and I believe if I hadn't I would still be on the sidelines waiting for my opportunity to become a real estate investor.”
- Chazz

Want to be a successful investor?

“I have worked with hundreds of Simply Do It clients over the years. They are by far the most prepared and professional of any group I have come across. If you are looking to be successful you better sign up soon because what they are offering is far less expensive then anyone I know. His clients are seeing massive results and returns with Dani's education and guidance. Being the owner of a large property management company and fellow investor myself I can see why his knowledge is so vital and important. The odds of succeeding on your own are statistically about 3%, however with the proper guidance and mentoring Dani has increased that to close to 98% success rate. That is only accomplished through years of knowledge and training. Trust me he is the real deal. I only wish I knew him when I was learning to invest I could have saved a lot of time and frustration learning from the best out there. If you are truly committed and want to be successful teaming up with Simply Do It is a no brainer!!”
- Steven Rozenberg

Great Service from the Tampa Team

“The Tampa team did a great job from beginning until signing. All the team was super professional, dedicated and detailed, making sure all aspects were covered. Great team!”
- Hilit Fuchs

Wonderful experience

I've waited many years to get started. Mainly out of fear and inability to trust many companies out there. Simply Do It was just what I needed to get started a mix of independence and guidance to get started from beginning to end. Thank you Simply Do It for all the help. A big thumbs up and highly recommended.”
- Kev

A true professional

“Dani is one of the rare professional real estate investors that not only takes the time to do his due diligence, but also makes it a point to explain it to other investors clearly and logically. He has been in this business for nearly two decades and has seen the market goes in all possible directions. That gives Dani a mature and balanced perspective that investors can really appreciate. On top of that, Dani is a great person. Personable, honest, friendly and one that understands the value of relationships. I would be happy to recommend Dani to both folks who are getting started in real-estate, as well as more tenured investors.”
- G.A.

Professional with very quick turnaround

“Dani and team are very professional. They have a top notch team in Houston which is where I bought. Dani is also a great mentor giving his honest feedback on every deal. I'm also surprised at the speed of his replies. He usually responds within hours and gives in-depth opinions. I'm a happy customer and I'm looking forward to a long investing career with Dani and his team.”
- Rohit Gandrakota

my feedback

Hey, I have been very pleased with the support and help provided by the simplydoit team. My purchase experience was a very nice one. we did have some challanges in getting the right property, but Dani was very helpful explaining and hand holding all the way. great experience !”
- Pranav

Highly Recommended

I had an awesome experience doing business with Simply Do It. They have a great team that guides you in every single step of the process. I bought a nice investment property in Houston area, which is now generating a great cash flow 🙂 Thank you guys for all the help provided. -- Max
- Max Moura

I have had the pleasure to get to know Dani recently through his Real Estate Investment workshops

I have had the pleasure to get to know Dani recently through his Real Estate Investment workshops. I have attended several most recently, "Guides and Tools for Real Estate Investing". He is an expert in this space. His experience, knowledge and passion for this space make him a fantastic educator. He truly wants to teach and educate you how to be successful at real estate investing! I am looking forward to my continued learning's and future partnership with Dani. He is a real estate investment expert and I recommend him to anyone who wants to be an expert in this area.
- Melanie Thistle

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