Turbo-Charge Your Portfolio

Dani Beit-Or has a story to tell – and he’s willing to share with interested people. It’s a story about success; about having a dream, working for it and making that dream a reality. You see, Beit-Or really believes in what he’s doing, and he’s willing to share his secrets of success with anyone who wants to embrace his ideas.
Beit-Or invests in real estate for a living. He’s good at it. He has been doing it since he was, as he says, “life-finances illiterate” as a young man in Israel. Now, he knows exactly what he is doing. But, make no mistake. Dani Beit-Or works hard as well, even though he says he has a lot of fun.
As a young man, he had a good job with an engineering firm, making a satisfactory salary. But, he knew that he would not build wealth that way, and he had college debt to repay. His dreams were bigger than his situation at the time, and he began to look at investments. Real estate investment intrigued him. Now, years later, it still does.

As he recounts the story of his entry in the US housing investment market, he laughs a bit. At one point, he says that closing on his first house located in Phoenix, when he was still in Israel, might have been the biggest mistake of his life. He had brought a cousin into the deal with him, because he was short of cash at the time. The two decided that they had a “lifetime to correct it” if it had been a huge mistake.

As it turned out, that first transaction was, indeed, the start of something big for Beit-Or. He admits the process was nerve-wracking. Long distance investing can be worrisome. But, it was no mistake. He notes that the second transaction was easier, and the third still easier. When he moved to the United States, he already had a track record. Now, he invites others to “step aboard the train” with him and go on down the track.

He has developed a series of online seminars, classes and videos so that anyone who is interested in real estate investing can learn the principles, and benefit from his knowledge.

Since 2002, this investor has been active in the real estate field in the United States. He originally achieved his 5-year goal in 2 1/2 years, but he also suffered during the downturn. He didn’t let that setback stop him, instead, he took the situation as an opportunity to learn more and achieve more. He kept on going. Even though he lives in California, he invests elsewhere, in moderately-priced markets. One thing he has mastered is the “art of the long-distance transaction.” He helps his investors do that as well.

“I’m just buying nice houses in nice areas and nice people typically move in and they pay rent,” he says. He notes also that he has been doing rehabs, or “flipping” as it is popularly known, about 50 over the course of approximately two years. A new direction, he says, will involve more “hand holding” for prospective investors, and he hopes to develop training that will feel like “on-the-job training.”

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