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2012 December Newsletter: Investor’s Deal of The Year, Property Spoltlight, Dallas Webinar & Market

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Happy New Year and Happy Holidays

from Simply Do It team!

Thanksgiving is behind us, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas and New Years are on the horizon. These are truly happy, blessed times, to get together with friends, family and loved ones.

Year-End Event Last Week

I really enjoyed getting together with our intimate real estate investment family at our End of the Year Award event on December 6th in Mountain View. I joked about being a very lovable person, but it isn’t a joke any more. I truly felt loved that evening, with all the wonderful questions, some of them challenging, people wanting to meet with me and tons of warm feedback from all the attendants.

Two of our investors shared their personal stories and few of their investments. I am grateful to Thomas and Bobby for presenting their real life investments and answering all the questions with full honesty.

The Magic of Rental Properties

I love real estate investment; I am constantly blown away by many of aspects of Real Estate Investing, especially by the monthly payment checks that come to my mail box. But let’s not forget all the other benefits, such as tax benefits and someone else paying your mortgage just to name a few. Read More →

2012 November Newsletter: Flip Example, Upcoming Events, Featured Property and Persoanl Note

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A Personal Note from Dani

We are entering my favorite time of the year. Gathering with family and friends and focusing on gratitude is a very happy activity. I started Simply Do It Real Estate Investment with the goal of connecting real estate investors with competent teams around the US and bringing investors outstanding investment deals. I feel very grateful and blessed now that I’m able to help my investors accomplish exactly that.  Our network includes over 10,000 people from Europe, Canada, Australia and many parts of the USA.

Those of you who know me a little better also know that my spouse and I had our first child this summer and it is an amazing experience. Nothing like a newborn to make you appreciate and enjoy life (and sleep).

I would like to take this opportunity and thank all of you who are part of our network. Those of you who already stepped into investing and own one or more properties, I am grateful to have worked with you.

Please don’t keep us a secret, tell people about us and share the wealth of Real Estate Investment Made Simple with your loved ones.

Whishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting and seminar.

Dani Beit-Or, CEO
Simply Do It
Real Estate Investing Made Easy

Buy a house for $50,000 and sell it within 4 months for over $600,000!

Can you imagine a profit of over 400% within only a few months? This is what one of our investors is going to make in just a few months! Dani told us all about it in his mind boggling talk on Fix and Flip Buying at Auction at our last week’s November meeting in Mountain View.

If you missed the meeting, click on the link to watch it or, even better, sign-up for our upcoming webinar on Monday, November 19, 2012, 6:30 PM:
Remote Fix & Flips and Auction vs Open Market Purchase (!This webinar will focus on the pros and cons of purchasing properties at Auction instead of through Open Market with a special emphasis on handling it all remotely.

Investment Property Spotlight

Park Row Street McKinney, TX 75070
3 Bdr, 2 Bath, 1534 sqf, 1995 year built,  Single Family 

Purchase Price:  $129,500
Downpayment:  $ 25,900
Closing costs:   $7,000 (includes mortgeg fees and fixup costs)
Rent   $ 1,250
Projected NET ROI     19%

For more details and a financial analysis
Our properties Website gets updated frequently check it

Contact Rina or Dani if this or another property interests you, these properties disappear fast so act now!

Would you like to know how other investors successfully do it?

Come to our very special end of the year 2012 Deal Of The Year Award Meeting & Networking on Thursday, December 6, 2012, 7:15 PM. Sign up at:

Learn how others are investing, see their transactions’ DNA, and most importantly where the profit areas are found. The Year-end meeting is a great opportunity to learn from others and to get to know other investors.
An award will be given to the best deal of the year! It is not too late. You can still submit your application and win the award(!

Would you like to step into real estate investing in 2013 or sooner?

Getting started in Real Estate Investing can be a daunting task. The mission at Simply Do It is to empower individuals, like you, to safely and realistically learn how to invest! To get started, contact Rina to schedule your own 30 minute, one-on-one strategy session with Dani Beit-Or in our Cupertino office, through Skype, or on the phone.

Oct. 2012 Newsletter: Case Study, Market Updates, Expo, Meetings, Questions You Should & More

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“Learn to Net $10,000 Per Month in Just 12 Years”

Join me and other educators and investors for a Halloween special real estate expo.

Saturday 10/27 9 AM – 4 PM, Woodland Hills CA

REGISTER for your free attendance (


You may have noticed that many markets around the country are heating up. This is no surprise. When you have: low inventory (Builders have not built new homes for few years!), low interest rate, a strong recovery feeling, and low housing-prices; there’s only one thing that can happen: Demand is going up.

With demand going up; prices will, and are following as we can see in many markets around the country.

How is this situation affecting you?

If you are trying to decide whether to invest or not, maybe you should stop thinking and start doing. Properties in many markets are not getting cheaper.  Read More →

Manpower: Phoenix hiring outlook brighter for 2012

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By Phoenix Business Journal by Angela Gonzales, Senior Reporter

Date: Tuesday, December 13, 2011, 6:50am MST

Valley employers have a more positive outlook for hiring in the first quarter of 2012.

According to the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey for the Phoenix area, 20 percent of employers plan to increase current staff levels next quarter, while only six percent expect to reduce staff.

This positive outlook puts the Valley among the top five markets in the nation for expected employment growth, said Frank Armendariz, director of metro markets for Milwaukee-based Manpower Group, which conducts the quarterly studies. Read More →

Three Available Investment Strategies in Atlanta

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Available Strategies

Strategy I: REOs (MLS)

Strategy II: Turnkey rehabbed and rented properties

Strategy III: Low-priced fix and flips


Strategy I

Low-priced Fix and Flips

Purchase price: $40,000 – Bought at the courthouse steps at an auction 

Rehab cost: $15,000 – this includes holding costs until sold

Average holding time 4.5 months

Profit: $17,000 – after closing costs and sales commission

Local team handles the transaction cycle from start to finish: researching properties before the auctions, bidding at the auctions, rehabbing and selling. Read More →

Newsletter: Using LLCs Update, Events and Updates

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Breaking News: New Nevada Law Potentially Helps Smaller Investors

By Jeffrey H. Lerman, Esq., The Real Estate Investor’s Lawyer™ (

Nevada has just passed a new law (SB405) that could provide business owners greater protection from creditors (the law goes into effect October 1, 2011). It addresses existing problems in at least two areas in the world of asset protection: single member limited liability companies (SMLLCs) and charging orders.

The highlights of this new law:

1. Single Member LLCs and Single Shareholder Corporations

Here’s the problem that currently exists. In recent years, a few bankruptcy courts outside of California have allowed creditors to do something to owners of SMLLCs that they could not do to owners of LLCs with more than one member: pierce the LLC protective veil and get to the owner’s personal assets. The detailed legal explanation of the courts’ reasoning in those cases is beyond the scope of this article. The impact, however, is effectively to put the smaller investor (including the husband and wife, who are treated as a single member in the eyes of the law) at greater risk from creditor attacks than the larger investors (who generally have a greater ability to include at least one additional member in their LLCs). That different treatment just feels unfair, regardless of what road the court takes to reach that conclusion. In our law firm, we routinely advise our clients contemplating the SMLLC to address this risk (even though no California court has followed this trend yet) by adding at least one member to their LLC, even if that member owns a relatively small percentage interest (for example, 5-10%). [read more . . .]  Read More →