Does eBay Sell Real Estate?


Selling Real Estate on eBay is nothing new, or is it?

I’ve surf up and down the internet pages and could not find any indication of how much real estate eBay is selling, if at all.  (If you find such proof please send/comment).

I’d guess there is some real estate sold on eBay, probably cheap (lots?) going for up to several thousand dollars. When it comes to real estate eBay is mostly known for its bulletin board capabilities. This means that besides posting fees eBay’s income from real estate are insignificant comparing to the size of the real estate industry.

Can eBay Be A Major Player In The Real Estate World?

Absolutely. Think of a new, very powerful, real estate broker: “eBay Realty – your local online broker“. eBay is probably the first company in history that has all it takes to make a truly online real estate transaction, from A-Z:

  • Properties will be posted by sellers.
  • eBay real estate agent will make sure the transaction is in compliance.
  • Buyer will apply, get approved (or rejected) online.
  • eBay will provide the seller with a mortgage.
  • etc.

Many established brokerages will get very nervous should eBay decide to move into the real estate world!

I do wish, for the time being, eBay would offer better tools for us buyers to make the most out of listings available on its boards.