How To Beat The Competition

When homes sell in minutes and offers accept way over list price, how do you stand a chance?

In recent months, I have seen a significant increase in our investors’ frustration level.

To quote one of our investors:
“There’s a limit on how responsive you can be. Today the agent published 4 new houses. I replied in less than one hour but all got sold in 15 minutes. How can you beat that? No one checks emails every 5 minutes…”

We are seeing a “storm” of multiple factors: high-demand for good properties by the marketplace, low inventory levels during seller’s market period, and houses that do pass our criteria that still need to cashflow.

So what can you do?

Be a part of our“Frustration Free” SFHs Fund for buying bulks!

  • Access properties that are not offered to the public. Most times, such sellers are not interested in liquidating one property at the time, but to liquidate a package of houses.  
  • Typically, houses purchased in a package are all, or mostly, rented.
  • Pain-free ownership and hassle-free investment portfolio management.
  • Vacancy distribution – never have 100% vacancy at one time.


Direct vs. Indirect Ownership

For years, I personally believed that direct ownership, i.e. you own the property, is the best way to go for a variety of reasons. Main reason being financing.

These days, I admit I have a new take on it. And think indirect ownership is another good option for investors. You invest in a fund that is professionally managed. The fund holds a large number of rentals and obtains financing.

This doesn’t mean indirect is better than direct or vice versa. Both options are good and can help you accomplish similar financial goals. And in many ways, one compliments the other.

Indirect opens up possibilities to us that in today’s market direct ownership is limited.

For the past 15 years, I have been guiding and supporting real estate investors. I estimate that during those years I have assisted in the purchase of more than 3500 houses, most purchased as direct ownership.

Throughout all those years, complaints about property managers, vacancy, cost of repairs, and other related ownership issues never stopped. And while always telling our investors to lower expectations from property managers, to see the big picture, and to hang in there – I always felt the need to find a way for us to take this “pain” from our investors. I always wanted to find a way to provide you with less trouble and hassle. Indirect ownership offers that.

Is This Fund For Me?

Do you relate to one or more of the following:

  1. Frustrated from attempting or making offers that do not succeed.
  2. Wish you could buy rented houses vs. vacant ones.
  3. Tired of dealing with ownership “noise” or just wished you could avoid it.
  4. Don’t feel you have the confidence to start or to buy another property, mainly out of state.
  5. Want to avoid the stress of a vacancy of your rental.
  6. Want to outsource the decision making process of selecting a property and outsource the need to deal with the ongoing of ownership.
  7. Already have multiple properties and do not want to add another one directly to your portfolio.



If you answered ‘YES’ to one or more, you’d probably be a good fit for our next Single Family Homes (SFHs) Fund.

You can find more about the next SFHs Fund here:

Quick summary about the fund

  • Location of houses: North Houston – approx. 30 minutes north of downtown
  • Projected hold period: 10 years
  • Minimum investment amount: $50,000
  • Projected ROI: 15% per year after 10 years – NO GUARANTEES
  • Number of houses: 18
  • Occupancy: rented
  • General house rating: B+
  • Seller reason to sale: reposition portfolio for retirement
  • Cost: $3,000,000*
  • Loan: $2,100,000*
  • Down-payment: $900,000*
  • Other fees and costs: $375,000* (closing costs, make-ready costs, loan cost, required reserve, etc.)
  • Total amount needed: $1,275,000*


* Projected figures.

To participate, you first need to complete the investor suitability questionnaire

Important to know

  • This type of an investment is not suitable for everyone. We may not be able to accept every interested investor. Our apologies and we hope you understand.  


Contact us with your additional questions.

Good luck with your investing.

All the best,