BONUS II – Purchase Process Outlined

Generally speaking the purchase process looks like:

  1. Sign SimplyDoIt docs
  2. Get pre-qualified for a mortgage (if needed). We have great mortgage lenders ready to work we you. (2-3 days)
  3. Submit offer. Our agent will work with you on optimizing the offer. (3-45 days – depending how quickly your offer gets accepted)
  4. Once offer accepted conduct detailed due-diligence (7-14 days)
  5. Close-purchase (30 days from acceptance)
  6. Rent make-ready. Our property manager will make sure the property get the needed work to make it rent-ready as quickly as possible. (4-21 days depending on how much work is needed)
  7. Rent. Our property manager will lease it including screen tenants (2-4 weeks on average)

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