2. Meet Dani Beit Or Simply Do It’s Founder & CEO

There is a way to become a more successful and safer real estate investor.

You always wanted to get into real-estate investing, but were worried about the risks, about losing money, and not knowing where and how to start? We solved it for you!

With over 13 years of real estate investing experience and working with thousands of investors, Dani Beit-Or has created a proven step-by-step program and support system to get you on the path to become a successful real-estate investor.

Dan Beit-Or CEO, Leading Investment Expert & Coach

Dani has been investing in US Real Estate since 2002. Since 2004, Dani has worked with over 6000 investors by helping them with building strong financial foundations using real estate in different USA metros.

He has started investing in real estate while getting his engineering degree realizing the corporate america, aka the “rat race”, is not the answer for wealth.

Over the years, and based on a large number of real state investments, Dani has refined and improved his investment strategies.

Dani helps both beginners and experienced investors with getting started and optimizing their investments based on age, needs, experience, knowledge, and financial abilities.

Dani is husband, father, is an engineer by profession and ex-special forces.