BONUS I: The Flips Report

Updated: 6/23/15

The attached Simply Do It’s  FLIP REPORT FILE presents 51 deals as follows:

  • 2 Are under contract to close-sale with in about a week or less.
  • 4 are still in rehab
  • 45 are completed

Flips Performance Analysis

  • Total profit generated: $1,300,000
  • Average total investment in a flip: $142,000
  • Average holding period, i.e. from purchase to sale: 4.7 months
  • Average investor’s ROI before taxes (after all expenses): 8.5% (or 21.7% annually)
  • Transactions ended in a “break even’ish” – i.e. less than 5% ROI: 2
  • Number of good flips (5%-10% ROI): 17
  • Number of GREAT flips (10%+ ROI): 20
  • Number transactions resulted in a loss: 2
  • Minimum invested amount by an investor: $45,000
  • Average time spent by an investor per flip: 4 hours
  • Purchase methods: MLS, auction, wholesaler, not-listed

Few Additional Facts:

  • The “closest” distance between Simply Do It’s investor and a flip property is 870 miles
  • The farthest distance is 2635 miles
  • Number of investors who traveled to see their flip: ZERO

Simply Do It Active Flipping Markets

  • Atlanta
  • Tampa
  • Boise
  • Houston
  • Coming soon: Dallas, Oklahoma City and Chicago

Investing/Participation Options

  1. All cash
  2. Cash + private/hard financing
  3. Cash + conventional financing
  4. Partnerships (more than one investor)
  5. Retirement account funds ok? – YES


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