17 Tips to Becoming A Successful Real Estate Investor

We have put together some great pieces of advice for you – based on experience. 


  1. You don’t need a degree in engineering/business/MBA/etc. to succeed.
  2. You don’t need to have a real estate license. A Real estate license talks mainly on disclosure, liabilities on what is allowed and what’s not allowed; plus real estate terminology. It teaches very little actual real estate investing. Getting a license requires time, attention, and energy – things that WILL create a disruption in your real estate investing journey. 
  3. Go online and learn. YouTube, Udemy, and such are great resources. Create your own “class” time and sit you butt down without your mobile and concentrate on the material being taught. 
  4. Here’s an easy one – find positive role models (you are allowed more than one) and watch what s/he is doing, track it or do the same. 
  5. Find negative role models. Look at that person and let him be a reference point of what you don’t want to be. When deciding what to do, ask yourself “what would he do in this situation” and act differently/opposite. 
  6. Find an investment buddy (only 1). Someone who wants to walk a similar path as you. You don’t need to invest together but set up time to meet, talk, collaborate, and hold each other accountable. 
  7. Be proactive. Don’t just sit there and wait for things to happen or wonder why someone is not responding to you – take charge. 
  8. Stop following TV Gurus. They want to sell you books and tapes, not real estate. 
  9. Stop attending too many investment club meetings. At some point, they create too much noise and disruption than benefiting you. 
  10. Really ask yourself if networking events are benefiting you. Maybe they are a waste of your time. 
  11. Stop listening to those who don’t do, but are full of advice. 
  12. Focus. Focus. Focus. Focus . . . you get the point. 
  13. Be determined. Things are not going to go according to the plan. Use it as opportunities for growth, not despair.
  14. If you feel a bit lost, find a mentor. People are willing to share their wisdom and experience.
  15. Are you a control freak? Let it go! If you are not good at something or hate doing it (accounting 😉 ), let someone else do it. They’ll do a better job at it and free you to do the things you are good at. 
  16. When people call you “nuts” and “crazy” you are probably on the right track. 
  17. All the info you have gained is worthless if you don’t pull the trigger and start investing . . . apply apply apply repeat. 

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