Why Kansas City is a Great Market for Real Estate Investment

Stable and Resilient Market

  • Kansas City offers a slow and steady market, less volatile than major cities like Miami.
  • It has a stable economy with diverse industries and employers.

Location and Size

  • Kansas City is located between Missouri and Kansas.
  • The metro area has 2++ million people, giving it a small-town feel with many suburbs.

Significant Investments

  • Over $6 billion has been invested in downtown Kansas City since 2005.
  • Major sports teams like the Kansas City Chiefs (NFL) and Kansas City Royals (MLB), along with a Major League Soccer team and a NASCAR track, add to the city's vibrancy.

Diverse Employment Opportunities

  • Ford and GM have manufacturing plants employing about 8,000 people.
  • Kansas City hosts 7 Fortune 1000 companies, including H&R Block, Cerner (now part of Oracle), and Kansas City Southern.
  • Facebook is developing an $800 million data center in the area.
  • T-Mobile has a significant presence with its second headquarters located here.
  • Walmart is building a $257 million beef facility.
  • Panasonic is constructing a $4 billion factory, creating 4,000 jobs.

Educational Hub

  • Around 30 universities and colleges offer education in fields like nursing, medicine, engineering, and law.

Industrial and Transportation Hub

  • Kansas City is the largest rail center in the US by volume, supporting significant transportation and industrial activities.

Animal Health and Drug Development

  • Kansas City is a leader in animal health and diagnostics, with 60% of pet food sales going through the area.
  • Home to about 300 animal health companies.

Affordable Living and Low Business Costs

  • The cost of doing business and housing costs are relatively low.
  • The federal government is the largest employer, providing stability.

Rental Market Affordability

  • Affordable rental prices for a typical three-bedroom, two-bathroom house range from $1,200 to $1,600 per month.
  • Much cheaper than coastal markets, making it attractive for renters.

Job Stability

  • Industries like rail, infrastructure, and pet care are unlikely to move, ensuring job stability.

Summary Kansas City is a great place to invest in real estate due to its stable and resilient market, diverse employment opportunities, significant investments, educational institutions, industrial and transportation hubs, and affordable living. The city's job stability and low-cost housing make it an attractive market for both investors and tenants.