We Apologize But Our Flips Carry No TV Drama

For Investors Who Are Interested In Short-Term Investing

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We have done about 80 flips in different parts of the country such as Boise, Atlanta, Tampa, and Dallas. In almost all, we have partnered with the investor with our own money.

You can join us on our next flip – no experience needed.

Here’s how the process works – we do the heavy lifting:

  1. Our local team on the ground scouts and places offers on flip-able houses on a weekly basis.
  2. Once we get a house under contract, we send our general contractor to do a full inspection, scope of work, and put together the renovation budget.
  3. Using the ARV (after repair value) figure and budget, we re-evaluate the project.
  4. If all looks good – IT’S A GO!
  5. We let you know about the flip.
  6. Typically, we fund the project with 1-3 investors (from our network).
  7. We complete the purchase of the house.
  8. Renovation starts.
  9. We produce bi-monthly updates for you.
  10. Renovation completes – time to list the house.
  11. Show and wait for a buyer.
  12. Negotiate and close-sell the house.
  13. Calculate flip profit and distribute profits.

What Is Your Involvement:

  1. Fund the project as an owner-investor (equity position) or as a lender (like the bank – debt position).
  2. Receive routine updates.
  3. Wait for sale.
  4. Receive proceeds.

Why Do We Offer Flips to You (and not take all the flips for ourselves):

  1. We want to offer investors a short term investing vehicle to generate short-term cash.
  2. We benefit from the flip’s success – profit sharing.
  3. In most projects, we invest our funds alongside yours.
  4. Unfortunately, we cannot do all the projects by ourselves, as much as we would like to.
  5. On average as an equity position, you will make 9.5% ROI in 6 months – NO GUARANTEES!

What’s Next

  1. Take a look at the project below.
  2. Let us know if you have more questions.
  3. Let us know if you would like to be involved in this project.
  4. Email or call us for more details.

Our Info
Simply Do It

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Sample Flip: 3755 Prado Dr, Sarasota FL  

  • No flipping experience needed.
  • We have the time, knowledge, teams, and expertise.
  • We can even partner on this deal.

Quick Summary (estimated figures)
Purchase Price: $180,000
Closing Costs: $1700
Rehab: $35,000
Overhead/Holding: $8,000
Projected Investor’s Net Profit: $22,500
Projected Annual ROI: 20%
Projected Duration: 4-6 months (closing to closing)

About This Project

  1. For more info, photos, video and COMPs: https://shar.es/1dcho7 (Need Membership to Access)
  2. We have it under contract.
  3. The property is purchased inside a Land Trust.

About The Land Trust
It’s a way to hold real estate with much more simplicity than an entity or LLC.

Financing/Purchasing Options/Scenario
1. You buy it solo (by yourself) cash or private financing.
2. Conventional financing is NOT an option as a purchase method.
3. We partner up.
4. We partner up w/ a 3rd investor.
5. We partner and use a private lender.
6. You participate in the deal as a private lender.

Funding update: $75,000 funds are committed to-date!

Your Next Step
1. Let us know ASAP – dani@simplydoit.net or 650-440-5544
2. Tell us which financing option (above) is most relevant for you and how much funds you have available to invest.
3. We have this property under contract.
4. Closing is planned for 5/25/16 – a quick decision is needed.

Financial Analysis

Purchase Date 6/10/2016
Listed for $187,900
Purchase Price $180,000
Closing Costs $1,687
Estimated Renovation & Holding $35,000
Property Taxes, Ins, Staging, Utilities $8,000
Estimated All-in $224,687
Projected Selling Date 11/16/2016
Target Selling Price126$274,806
Sales Comm4.5%$12,366
Sales Expenses $3,916
Projected Profit $33,836
Project ROI 15%
Profit Sharing  
Local Team0%$0
Simply Do It (Facilitator)33%$11,166
Investor’s Return On Investment (ROI) 10.09%
Duration (months) 6
Annualized ROI 20.18%

*The performance information shown are projections. These are not actual results. These projections are based upon various assumptions and representative properties. No representation is being made that a performance record similar to the projected returns will or is likely to be achieved.