The Simply Do It Investment Philosophy

Simply Do It was founded in 2004 by Dani Beit-Or and is based on two simply principles:

1. Real estate investing shouldn’t be limited to your own backyard, and

2. Anyone can learn how to invest successfully

For more than 12 years, Simply Do It has made it our mission to empower individuals to financially benefit from residential real estate investments through our vast support system and proven guided investment training.

We believe that all individuals should profit from the power of real estate; thus, we make it simple by mitigating risk factor, building a strong network across the nation and providing hands-on training.


Learn to Invest Before You Invest

Simply Do It believes that people learn best when they are able to learn hands-on; however, who wants to risk their money learning how to invest?  That’s why we’ve created the Core Fundamentals Class: Learn How to Invest Before You Invest.

The Simply Do It Core Fundamentals Class is an essential class for investors wanting to explore and live the process of investing in residential properties before they ever start actually investing.

This class is based on knowledge Dani Beit-Or gathered over the course of 12-plus years of conducting thousands of transactions and investing in numerous properties.

Many of the real life experiences and real world mistakes that Dani experienced himself have been incorporated into the class, giving you the opportunity to learn now how to avoid those mistakes.

You can discover more about this course on our event page Core Fundamentals: How to Invest Before You Invest.



Ready to Jump In?

If you’ve been thinking about investing in real estate but just aren’t sure where to start, now is your time to act!  Dani will be leading a Core Fundamentals Class in Irvine, California on March 11, 2017.  Don’t live in the area?  That’s okay — you can still join in via the live webinar.


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If you have questions about the course and what all is covers, you can find out more on the Core Fundamentals event page.  You can also contact Dani directly with any questions via our online contact form.