Weekly Support Session – Only for Active Investors

We have decided to hold a weekly open Q&A session for our active investors.
The Session’s Main Objectives:
  1. Address common questions, challenges, and obstacles
  2. Benefit from a group session while staying private
Who Should Participate:
  • Best suited for investors in the property selection phase
  • Beginners and experience investors are invited
  • Not suitable for specific support issues
About The Session:
  • Not open to the general public
  • Fridays at 12:30 PM PST for 30 mins
  • If needed, can extend to 1 hour
  • Conference call format
  • Join on-the-go, from anywhere
  • We respect your privacy
  • Calls will be recorded for the benefit of those who could not participate
  • Send your questions before the session if you wish
  • Ask questions during the session
What’s Next?
  1. Send in your questions by email to meet@simplydoit.net
  2. We want and welcome your feedback, such as:
    “great idea – I’ll join”
    “can you move it to the web/FB?”
    “time is not good for me, can you hold it at . . . “
    “i am an experienced investor and my challenges are .. can you hold a session for such an issue?”
    Other feedback is welcome!
  3. We will send an additional email reminder w/ participation details.  
Our goal is to provide you with more and better support. We are here to guide you.
Our hope is that you will find it beneficial.