Private Crowdfunding

What’s Private Crowdfunding?
Typically, crowdfunding is open to the crowd. In this case, we are keeping the crowd limited to a private group – Simply Do It’s list of active and potential investors: you!

What’s the idea?
With a crowd, we can lower the investment amount needed by each investor. We can enable investors to participate in our investment opportunity that would typically require a higher capital investment.

Can anyone participate?
Unfortunately, no. Regulation controls the number of participants. It is not dictated by us.

Can I participate in such an opportunity?
Maybe. You will need to complete an investor suitability questionnaire before we can know if you qualify.

What’s needed to participate?
The minimum amount needed (could vary from deal to deal) and the questionnaire.

Do you provide any guarantees on your investment opportunity?
I wish we could, but NO. None of our transactions offer guarantees. As an investor, you need to know that you are assuming risk.

What’s the next step?
If interested, let us know by email:
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