Mastermind Booster – Advanced Session for Experienced Real Estate Investors

How to benefit even more from real estate
In current times of uncertainty

One of its kind Open-Session
with Dani Beit-Or


Some of the topics that will be covered

    • Is today a time to fear or exploit?
    • How to navigate opportunities in today’s marketplace
    • What should be your 2022-23 strategy?
    • What are the correct way to manage teams?
    • Attendee-generated topics


This is a 3-hour online session that provides an opportunity for you to bring your questions, concerns, uncertainty, ideas, thoughts, and have a place to have a discussion for things that are bugging you about investing but don’t have the place to ask. As investors, we all have challenges that are constantly changing but don’t always have the setting to surface them and have a discussion about them. This is the space for it! This is an opportunity for you to break some of the obstacles that are holding you back.


Participation Qualification

This session is open ONLY to investors who have some real estate investing experience – you have to at least complete 3 transactions of rentals or flips. Topics covered are NOT beginner’s topics.

To see if you qualify, please complete this short form below.


This session aims to push you out of your comfort zone and ignite some fresh thinking about how you should handle your real estate and how you should proceed with your current and future investments.

This session puts you in the center and focuses on you as an investor to help you get better with investing.

In the session, Dani will share from his many years and many transaction experiences, and will bring suggestions and ideas on how to overcome obstacles or how he had overcome them himself.

For the past 20 years, Dani has worked with many dozens of Realtors, Property Manager, lenders, GCs, and others and has encountered and solved hundreds of situations related to all aspects of buying, holding, managing, and selling rental properties in more than 35 US metros.




Attendee of this event will also receive

    • Dani & Simply Do It‘s Analysis Excel (sold here for $27.50)
    • 30 mins FREE session with Dani to have an opportunity to further discuss your specific situation


Participation Qualification Form


highly professional consistent and with very strong network of experts

highly professional consistent and with very strong network of experts. working with simply do it is a great expirience and a huge satisfied success. I've been working with them for many many years and highly recommend them since they are the top leaders in what they do. great job Dani and team. Assaf
- Assaf H.

From a lecture to two homes in a few months

Several months ago, I nervously dove into real estate with my first remote rental property, armed with zero experience. The start was a lecture I attended a several months ago, where Dani spoke and explained in simple terms how anyone can invest in real estate. Dani's team made the daunting task remarkably easy for a first-timer like me. His network of vetted professionals and a user-friendly tool for cash flow projections were pivotal. Now, I'm already getting ready for my second purchase, Dani's ongoing support and expertise have been the backbone of my journey. From initial nerves to confident strides, Dani has truly earned my stellar 5++ rating!
- Adam K

my experience with Simply Do It has been nothing short of outstanding

From the very beginning of my journey in real estate investment, Simply Do It has been an absolute game-changer. Their expertise, professionalism, and dedication to their clients' success are evident in every interaction. What sets Simply Do It apart is their comprehensive approach. They're not just about finding you a property; they're about finding the right property for you. Their detailed and personalized property selection process is impressive, taking into account individual investment goals and market trends to ensure the best possible match. The level of support provided by Simply Do It is unparalleled. Dani B, in particular, has been a standout. His responsiveness and attention to detail are top-notch. Whether it's a major decision or a minor query, Dani and the team are there to guide you through, often going above and beyond what's expected. Their proactive approach in handling issues, even those I hadn't anticipated, has been a huge relief and a major factor in the smoothness of my investment journey. One of the most commendable aspects of Simply Do It is their on-ground support team. They make the process seamless, handling everything from paperwork to property management. It's clear that they prioritize building a trustworthy, efficient, and supportive network for their clients. Overall, my experience with Simply Do It has been nothing short of outstanding. They've not only helped me make informed investment decisions but have also provided an educational journey, enhancing my understanding of real estate investment. I highly recommend Simply Do It to anyone looking to venture into real estate investing. Their professionalism, expertise, and genuine care for their clients set them apart in the industry.
- Liran A

several properties with Simply Do It

Over the years, we've bought several properties with Simply Do It and Dani. We're quite pleased with the results of those rental properties, and Simply Do It has been instrumental in guiding us through the purchasing process and addressing any questions or issues that arose during property management. Even years after the purchase, Dani continues to offer guidance and support whenever something comes up.
- Ehud P

investment property through SDI 7 years ago in the Nashville

We've bought an investment property through SDI 7 years ago in the Nashville Metro area. Same tenant and value of house has doubled. We're in the process of buying another property.
- Ohad T

commitment didn't end at the sale

Dani is great! His commitment didn't end at the sale, his continued support and guidance were very helpful. Highly recommended for anyone seeking more than just a transaction. I used him more than once and will keep recommending him to my friends
- Dan B

. . . outstanding experience . . .

I had an outstanding experience working with Dani and the Simply Do It team. Their in-depth knowledge, tailored approach, and professionalism made a significant impact on my investment journey. Dani possesses unparalleled expertise in the real estate market. He and his team took the time to understand my goals and crafted a personalized strategy that aligned perfectly with what I wanted to achieve. Their ability to simplify complex concepts made the process seamless. What impressed me the most was their dedication and responsiveness. Dani was always available through WhatsApp/phone to address my queries and provided insightful guidance every step of the way. Simply Do It's integrity and transparency were exemplary. They were forthright about potential risks, ensuring I had a clear understanding before making decisions. I will definitely work again with Dani and the Simply Do It team.
- Tal H

exceptional guidance!

I highly recommend working with Dani and Simply Do it, and get his exceptional guidance! As a real estate investor, they not only helped me optimize investments but also provided invaluable advice on selling my property. Expert insights, reliable support--highly recommend for anyone navigating the real estate market!"
- Greg S

He is an expert on anything related to single family house investment

Dani has been my go to person for real estate investment. He is an expert on anything related to single family house investment from identifying locations, houses, investment strategy and ongoing maintenance. He is also always available for practical advice. thanks!
- Michael H.

"makes us feel as if we are his best costumer"

Stopping by to share our experience with Simply do it. We have had a great experience. They offer support at all stages of the operation. Dani specially has been responsive and then some. Always makes himself available to support us and make us feel as if we are his best costumer - we are certainly not 🙂 if you are looking for a business to support you in this area, stop looking - this is it!
- Marina O

I've bought a property for investment two years ago and can't be more satisfied with the guidance and help i've received during this time. Even when its been rough and not easy Dani has always been there to share from his vast knowledge and experience. Simply Do It offer's something I've not seen any other company do - they teach you and they become part of your'e journey becoming a real estate investor. Highly recommended and will definitely work with them again.
- Antonio G

Great Investment Funds seminar

Some time ago I've participated in Dani's seminar regarding the establishment and management of Real Estate Investment Funds. The seminar was well organized and covered the complete process end-to-end. Dani has a lot of experience and was happy to share it with us. I've found the Seminar to be well educating and have incorporated some of Dani's insights into my funds as well. Thanks Dani!
- Elad Zachor

Loved working with you!

I wanted to thank Dani and the SDI team for all their help finding us our first investment property (hopefully of many!) out of our state. Dani was very attentive to all our needs, even during his travels abroad, and offered a lending hand and an insider's point of view during the process, even in stages where I didn't know he and the team could contribute. We were able to secure a great property, for a significantly better price versus what it is valued, merely because of Dani's negotiation tactics and recommendations through his vast experience. We highly recommend Dani and the SDI team, and will be back in the future for our next investment property.
- Aviv Shalgi

Made 2 successful investments

Really enjoyed working with Dani and the team on 2 investments in TN and MO. Investments are always time bound, lots of moving parts, quickly changing circumstances, and last minute problems that require prompt response and good judgement. We had ALL of those on both our investments, which is why Dani, his team, and his network of realtors, lenders and other stakeholders were super important to make this work. It's all about the people, their bias for action, and how well they play together. As a result, we were able to resolve all problems and successfully conclude both deals, and this is why I will be working with team Dani on my next investment as well!
- Yaniv Donenfeld

Wonderful experience - first investment

I recently did my first investment with Dani's [Simply Do It] help. I cannot thank Dani and his team enough to help me get started on this journey. Dani and Jessica were super patient with me. Always available to answer any questions and give me the confidence to take this step. I have learnt a lot from this experience and I am looking forward to continuing on this journey towards a strong financial future. Thank you Dani for everything you have done for me.
- Saket Saraf