53 Reasons To Use A Land Trust

By: Randy Hughes, Mr. Land Trust

What Is A Land Trust?

Before enumerating the benefits of using a Land Trust it is important to understand
exactly what a Land Trust is and how it works. A Trust (of any kind) is merely pieces of
paper, albeit legal paper. There are many different kinds of Trusts but this publication
will deal only with the Illinois “Type” Land Trust.

In so many words, a Land Trust is a legal arrangement whereby title to a property is
held by a Trustee and all the benefits, rights, and powers of ownership are retained by
a person (or entity) called a Beneficiary. The rights and duties of these players are
spelled out in a duly notarized and signed document called the Trust Agreement.
Typically, the Trust Agreement is NOT recorded.

Only real property can be placed into a Land Trust, so all of your personal property
must be handled in some other way (i.e. a Personal Property Trust).
The following is a list of reasons to use an Illinois “Type” Land Trust:


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