7 Things NOT To Do While In The Middle of A Loan Transaction

Home LoanObtaining a loan is a critical side of your home buying. In times of tough lending environment it is important to be ready for getting a loan. Here are some things you want to avoid while in the process of getting a mortgage for your new home:

  1. Don’t lose your job or change employers.
  2. Don’t make nay major new purchases or open new credit.
  3. Don’t increase your credit card debt or miss any payments.
  4. Don’t change bank accounts or make large undisclosed deposits.
  5. Don’t apply for a credit card, co-sign a loan, or make any new credit inquiry.
  6. Don’t spend money you have set aside for closing.
  7. Don’t delay in providing all your paperwork that the lender needs, and provide it in a timely manner.

Try to follow these guide lines as much as you can. As always life is sometimes stronger than us and the unexpected happens, and when it does make sure you update your Realtor and your mortgage person.