101 Real Estate Investing Resources: A Professional Investor's Rolodex

This week we’ve put together a fairly comprehensive list of resources for you to check out. You can start using many of these immediately as they are free of charge. As for the others, you should weigh up whether you need them for the stage you are at with your business.

We have first-hand experience with many of these sites but not all of them so any feedback or reviews are welcome in the comments section below.


With so many products on the market today I could probably have done a list of 101 training resources.  However, in creating this list I was reminded that there are quite a few “pretenders” out there in the real estate investing world and have tried to keep this list concise with only reputable resources, some of which are free.


  1. RichDad.com: Rich Dad Poor Dad is the book that woke me up to the fact that I needed to take greater responsibility for my financial future.  A short time later I purchased my first investment property.  Robert Kiyosaki still delivers fantastic information and is the obvious choice to kick start this list.
  1. RealEstateInvestor.com: This is a community of real estate investors that has been building a lot of momentum recently.  With an education center, networking and member blogs, there is plenty of great free information here.
  1. REIAllstars.net is a new membership site that is building a portfolio of video training materials to help new investors fast track the learning process.

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