10 Main Steps For Successful Real Estate Investing

Follow these steps to accomplish successful investmenting:

  1. Define a clear goal or goals. If multiple goals – prioritize.
  2. Build a team: mentor/expert, attorney, CPA, lender, and insurance agent.
  3. Decide on an investment philosophy: rental property, fix-and-flip, commercial, land, etc.
  4. Set your financials.  Down-payment required, available rates, and if needed get pre-qualified.
  5. Identify target areas that will help you accomplish your goal/s
  6. Interview service providers: Realtors, property managers, contractors, etc. Learn from them about the area.
  7. Have an investment plan: purchase, exit, and contingency methods.
  8. Identify the property.
  9. Put an offer and negotiate.
  10. Purchase and close on the property.