Why do people want to invest in real estate but don’t?

  1. Initial deposit/down payment.  It can take years of dedicated saving to accumulate the needed initial down payment, closing costs and value-add funds needed to get into the real estate investing game.  We live in a consumer-driven economy and it always seems like there’s something we need to buy.  It can be frustrating and difficult.  Then, after all that time and energy saving, how do we know that we’re making the right decision and don’t blow it on buying the wrong house.  We’ve heard the horror stories and certainly don’t want to make those mistakes.  It is a large chunk of money and we understand being scared to lose it.
  2. Worried that you’ll pick the wrong property. Maybe you’re worried that the value is going to go down or the cash flow won’t pan out?  Real Estate Investing is a long term wealth building strategy.  There will be ups and downs in the market.  Overall, you will gain.  Just stay the course.
  3. Repairs and Improvements. If you’re anything like me, I’m not handy. Not even a little bit.  A leaky sink is enough to make me wring my hands with concern.  The costs for professionals can be steep and eat away at your profit.  This is the importance of a good inspector as well as a vetted crew that can make repairs on your behalf.  This is especially important if you’re not local to your investment property.
  4. Picking bad tenants. Evicting tenants or having tenants damage your home is the stuff of nightmares.  How do you properly screen for good quality tenants who will pay on time and take care of your property? Simply Do It has solved this problem by selecting a team of Property Managers who have many successful
  5. Fearful of the unknown. We don’t know what we don’t know, right?  When the stakes are high, this can be enough to keep you up at night.  Or worse, make you do nothing.
  6. Analysis Paralysis. Fixating on Every.Single.Detail. might seem like you’re being diligent, but in reality, most times it just holds you back from making important decisions in a timely manner.


There’s no question about it:  Earning passive income through an investment property takes money and work.  Clearly, there are many things seasoned investors know from years of experience that beginner investors just don’t.  We take the years of costly mistakes off the table for you with our investor education and trusted working partners.  We saw the need for full support and education during the buying process for beginner investors to get started. We take out the worry and uncertainty that commonly is associated with first-time investors.


Image by wayhomestudio on Freepik