Simply Do It is looking for great people who are passionate about real estate investing.

We are looking for people from all experience levels and ages–even interns!

While we preferred people who have some real estate background – having one is not a must.

We believe in finding the right people to join our growing network of investor.


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[fruitful_tab title=”Event Host – Position 2144″]

Main Responsibility

  • Show up at venue about an hour before start
  • Make sure venue is ready
  • Register people at the door
  • Introduce speaker + make announcement (possibly)
  • Generate event report (during event)
  • Event tear-down

Needed Skills

  • Punctual
  • Organized

Note: this is a paid position

[fruitful_tab title=”Community/Group Leader – Position 1128″]

Locations: San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Chicago, New York City, Tampa, Seattle, Washington DC, Boston

Note: This is not a full time position and requires about 3-5 hours a week.

We are looking for individuals who want to boost up their networking and become a key real estate persona locally.

We have a network of local real state groups.

These ACTIVE groups need a group leader/organizer – possibly you!

Group Leader’s Main Responsibilities

  • Hold real estate related events (live in the room)
  • Present/speak at these events
  • Setup events: speakers, topics, venue
  • Put events’ marketing info together and blast to the existed network

What’s In It For You

  • Boost your networking and transactions
  • No Cost – no catch
  • Become local expert persona

What Do You Need

  • Active real estate license – preferable
  • Public speaking experience
  • Organizational skills

What Do We Have
We have a local network of real estate investors

What’s In It For Us
Think of us as a powerful referral source. We will get compensated when you do – and you will!

We will let you use our network platform and will show you how to accomplish everything under “What’s In It For You”.

What’s Next

Complete this application and we will get back to you after reviewing all applicants:

[fruitful_tab title=”Real Estate Investment Adviser – Position 1136″]

Location: Tele-commute/anywhere USA

Note: Coming soon!

  1. Do you want to generate a second income?
  2. Ever wanted to go into real estate investing but don’t have the knowledge or cash?
  3. Have you ever thought you’d want to start another chapter or line of work/passion with out quiting your day job?

Become a Simply Do It’s is Certified Residential Real Estate Adviser

Program offer the following

  1. In-depth Real Estate Investing Education
  2. How to be a successful adviser
  3. Systems to launch and run your advisor business
  4. Option: Get more business by working as a Simply Do It adviser

[fruitful_tab title=”Marketing & Sales Support Manager – Position 1124″]

Location: Tele-commute/anywhere USA

Main Responsibility

  • Increase marketing channels
  • Coordinate marketing activities
  • Increase awareness to Simply Do It
  • Improve current marketing activities
  • Track and increase marketing activities’ effectiveness
  • Increase social media presence
  • Support leads inside the sales pipe
  • Syndicate out existing web content

Needed Skills

  • Creative thinking
  • Excellent writing abilities
  • Experienced with various on-line and social media marketing
  • Public speaker (or not afraid to speak before crowd)


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