eviction protocol

My recommendation for dealing with a non-paying tenant is straightforward: Act promptly. For instance, if the rent is due on the 1st but the tenant has until the 6th to pay and hasn't paid by the 7th, initiate the eviction protocol immediately.
Here's the eviction protocol: Instruct the property manager to notify the tenant that, as per the contract, eviction proceedings will commence due to non-payment. Simultaneously, the property manager should inform the tenant that if they pay, including any late fees and the costs incurred for eviction so far, the eviction process will be halted.

There's an exception: If the property manager is aware of special circumstances preventing the tenant from paying on time, it might make sense to delay the eviction protocol.

While property managers often try to communicate with tenants to resolve issues, such efforts can take time, leading to prolonged vacancies. Property managers need your, the owner's, instructions to take action promptly. They are human too and prefer resolving things amicably and quickly for the benefit of the owner.