The Correct and Full way to Analyzing Rentals + Special Excel

Recorded: February 2017 by Dani Beit-Or

Course includes: PDF Presentation File, Recorded Video Access.

Who Should Access?

– Beginner real estate investors looking for guidance on where to start and how to be successful.
– Experienced investors looking for guidance in order to expand their existing Real Estate knowledge and capabilities.

What Will Be Covered:

  1. How to truly and fully calculate ROI
  2. Collecting needed information
  3. Proper ways to analyze
  4. How you can use Excel to make better decisions
  5. Q & A Session


About The Trainer – Dani Beit-Or

By the age of 26, Dani was already ex-Israeli Special Forces, had an engineering degree, and was working for an Israeli high-tech company. About that time, he realized that working for others was certainly not the way to build wealth, so he made a decision to embark on a journey and to chart his own path to financial freedom.

That was all good and positive, but he didn’t quite know how he would do it. There was only one thing knew – he was going to leave the corporate world within one year!

After attending events and seminars as well as looking into stocks and options, Dani attended a US real estate investing seminar. At first, it looked too good to be true – at least from the eyes of a young person. Then, he began in-depth-research to learn about real estate investments, as much and as quickly as possible. Hungry for information, he studied until he felt he was ready to take action.

In 2002, he pulled the trigger and purchased his first rental property just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. It was done completely sight unseen. He was residing in Tel Aviv, Israel at the time. Yet despite different laws, language, time-zone, and culture, he was thrilled that he could put all that he had learned to work.

Back then, he didn’t have the today’s technology tools, no Google, and no way to analyze and review properties, but that didn’t stop Dani from making his first deal.

He moved to Silicon Valley and bought many more properties since, in multiple solid markets, and successfully weathered the storms of the market’s boom-crash-boom cycles. Dani now lives in Orange County with his wife and son. He continues to buy rentals and flip properties in hand-picked metros across the US, all while helping many investors do the same, remotely.

Dani is the Founder and CEO of Simply Do It. He is convinced the US real estate market is structured to offer ample wealth building opportunities for those who are willing to invest in themselves.

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