Strategies for using IRA Funds for Real Estate Investing – A Well Kept Secret

Recorded: July 2013. Instructor: Gary Kowalski, Director of Sales for The Entrust Group

Course content: PDF file; Video

Best Kept Secret: You can use your IRA to buy Investment Real Estate

  • IRAs represents an un-tapped source of investor capital.
  • How to quickly submit offers on behalf of IRA.
  • How to partner IRA funds with personal or third party Funds.
  • How to use Non-Recourse loans within your IRA.
  • How to make quick offers on properties using IRA funds.
  • Set up an LLC for multiple properties investing and flipping.


About the Speaker

Gary Kowalski, Director of Sales for The Entrust Group, one of the country’s oldest and largest administrators of Self-Directed IRAs for real estate investing.
Mr. Kowalski was named Director of Sales for Entrust in March, 2011, having previously served as its Manager of Franchise Operations. Prior to joining Entrust, he was Vice President of Finance and Operations for Parkside Lending, and a Managing Director for Parson Consulting. He is also the Founder of San Francisco Professional Career Network.