Strategies for Enhancing Returns & Cashflow through Out-of-State Rental Properties in 2023

#1 – Wed. Sept 20th 2023 – Online

#2 – Thu. Sept 21st 2023 – Event in HebrewOnline

6:30PM PST | 9:30PM EST

This is an (in-person / in the room event) ONLINE event


Are you tired of watching your money sit idly in a savings account or concerned for lack of diversifying your investments? Do you want to take control of your financial future and start seeing real returns on your investments?

This comprehensive out-of-state residential real estate investing class is designed for people just like you. Dani, an expert investor for more than 20 years, will guide you through every step of the process, from finding the right properties to negotiating deals and managing your investments.

Topics we will cover:

  • Navigating investing in current times
  • Understanding the real estate market and market analysis
  • How to find and evaluate profitable investment properties
  • Strategies for negotiating and closing deals
  • Property management and maintenance best practices
  • Tax implications and how to minimize your tax burden
  • Building and growing your real estate portfolio

Concerns and Fears will be addresses:

  • Lack of local market knowledge
  • Fear of making a bad investment
  • Uncertainty about property management responsibilities
  • Concerns about the legality and complexity of real estate transactions

At this class, we address these concerns head-on and provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to overcome them. Our experienced trainer has years of experience investing in real estate and will share their insights and strategies with you.

Don’t wait any longer to start building the financial future you deserve. Sign up for our out-of-state residential real estate investing class today and take control of your financial future!

Other topics that are typically covered in this event and about the main aspects of investing out of state:

  • Current conditions in the various markets around the country
  • The economic changes impacting real estate – inflation, higher interest rates and what strategies you can take to offset these challenges
  • What to consider when selecting a metro
  • Future demographics vs. current situations
  • Using the current economic situation to your advantage
  • Exit strategies in real estate investing
  • The correct way to analyze a rental property
  • Self-manage vs property managers
  • Investing well even when you are extremely busy
  • Retire and send your kids to college using real estate investing
  • The type of properties you should buy now
  • How to AVOID Common mistakes investors make
  • EXTENSIVE Q&A discussion

Dani Beit-Or

About Simply Do It’s Guided Real Estate Investing

Guided real estate investing is a hands-on approach to real estate investing created for beginners. Rather than only providing courses, we guide you through the entire process from pre-purchase to post-purchase. Once we help establish your goals and create a custom strategy, we help you select your investment property, guiding and teaching you every step of the way. We believe that beginner real estate investing shouldn’t be taught in theory, but in practice. With experts by your side, risk is mitigated and training is much more effective.  Using the education we provide, you can start building your real estate portfolio today. 


You are invited to bring your questions. Such as:

• Should I use an entity vs. purchasing as an individual?
• Should I flip or rent?
• How do I work with private lenders?
• Etc. (… any other questions! Take advantage of this special opportunity.)

#1 – Wed. Sept 20th 2023 – Now Online

#2 – Thu. Sept 21st 2023  – Event in HebrewNow Online


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About The Speaker

Dani Beit-Or: Investment Expert

This event is facilitated by Simply Do It’s founder, Dani Beit-Or, a veteran investor and leading figure in residential rentals and property flips. Based in Southern California, Dani has been investing in out-of-state properties for over 20 years, and has been involved in over 5,000 transactions.

More importantly, Dani was once just like you: new to the investment world and uncertain about how to get started. Since then, he has learned what works well and what doesn’t with real estate investing, and dedicates himself to sharing his extensive knowledge with those who are enthusiastic about real estate investing and are eager to get started.


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