Remote Fix & Flips and Auction vs Open Market Purchase [2012-11]

Recorded: November 2012

This webinar focuses on the pros and cons of purchasing properties at Auction instead of through Open Market Purchase. A highlight on handling it all remotely makes this a perfect topic for a webinar. Learn and apply practices from anywhere in the world while being able to take advantage of any opportunity!

In this webinar, you will learn to understand:

  • Why you should bother flipping properties
  • How it can be done remotely
  • How buying at the auction works
  • Risk vs rewards of buying at the auction
  • Ways investor can participate
  • Comprehensive Q & A

About the Speaker: Dani Beit-Or

CEO and Founder of the Simply Do It Real Estate Network, Dani has been working with investors by helping them accomplish short and long terms financial goals. By using real estate to flip and to rent investors, using Dani’s network; you can safely invest in different parts of the country by using the Simply Do It network of trusted teams of agents, property managers and rehabbed.