SDI Insiders’ Monthly Session with Dani

What’s the Insiders’ Session? You ask. I answer!
Once a month, we will have a group conference call to discuss different aspects of real estate investing. These aspects will be raised by you or other group members.

We mainly talk about residential rental investing and related topics.

Why should you join? Think of it as your Real Estate Therapist!

  • We know all too well that investors don’t always have a go-to place to ask questions.
  • Attending seminars, events, and boot camps can be expensive and time-consuming.
  • Seminars and events do not normally enable questions that are not related to the topic being discussed.

Who’s leading the group?
Me, Dani Beit-Or.

And I will be bringing:

  • 16+ years of experience
  • My knowledge gained from going through the boom and bust and… another boom
  • Being involved in more than 4,500 residential real estate transactions

What should you expect? No sales pitch here!
Pure knowledge, discussion, and no BS.

We will bring a topic to discuss.

When available, we will bring an expert speaker.

Better yet, we hope to cover topics generated by the participants.

Why a conference line? No social media (for a change…)

  • KIS – keep it simple. A conference line can still provide you anonymity.
  • A conference line is simple and requires very minimal technical effort.
  • Joining a conference line is easy on-the-go or wherever you are.

Choose your level
Gold – investors who bought more than 3 properties with Simply Do It – FREE

Silver – active Simply Do It investors who are in the process of buying their first rental or own up to 3 – FREE

Bronze – beginners who want to invest but are still on the sideline and need some more guidance and direction – $5/month – NO LONG term commitment!

Option one: Every 3rd Tuesday at 6 pm PST [CA time]
Option two: Every 3rd Friday at noon PST [CA time]

First session: Tue. 7/21 | Fri. 7/24





Group code of conduct

  1. Be respectful.
  2. No sales pitches or self-promotion.
  3. Opinions are welcome. However, please avoid legal or financial advice unless you are a CPA or an attorney.

How long are the sessions? 30-45 minutes
Are meetings recorded? YES
Why do we charge a fee? All we ask is a bit of commitment.