Have a Net Income of $10,000+ Every Month in 15 Years (Recorded: 2013-06)

Recorded: June 2013 by Dani Beit-Or

Course includes: PDF Presentation File, Recorded Video Access.

Course Info

Cashflow Portfolio Accelerating – Reach Your Passive Income Goal Faster

Most investors want to establish a real estate portfolio that will, eventually, replace their income. Most investors want it but are not sure how to accomplish it!

This class will teach you how to accomplish it.

Two part educational class that will teach you:

  • The amazing main benefits Real estate investing offers
  • How to create a cashflow-generating portfolio
  • Ways to ACCELERATE your portfolio formation
  • Method to TURBO-CHARGE your portfolio

About the Teacher

Dani Beit-Or will teach YOU how to accelerate and turbo-charge your real estate portfolio. By incorporating simple investment techniques and strategies together, busy investors can setup their long and short term financial goals.

Dani is an experienced real estate investor and mentor who operates Simply Do It – a Bay Area based real estate investment boutique, www.simplydoit.net.