7 Weeks to Ownership – Training + Buying Program for Investors

About This Training

  • This training is designed for investors who want to invest but DO NOT want to walk the path alone.
  • Training is designed for investors interested in buying now AND for those who want to learn to buy at a later stage.
  • Each week in the program is designed to get you closer to an ACTUAL purchase.
  • 2 hours weekly sessions over 7 weeks.
  • Each week learning outcomes result in purchase and sale experience.
  • Group settings – learn from others. One-on-one training available too.
  • Training can be provided by online trainers or by in-the-room trainers.

About Dani Beit-Or and Simply Do It

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Our mission: Financially and safely empower individuals using residential real estate investments.

Part 1 – READY!

Week 1
  1. Setting up your financials
  2. Calibrating expectations for the investing process
  3. Addressing concerns
  4. Overview of the investing process
  5. Getting qualified for a loan
  6. (Creating a road-map)

Part 2 – SET!

Week 2

  1. Deal Evaluation – The 7 Steps
  2. Analysis Excel – How to Use
  3. Agent & Property Manager Matrix
  4. Markets Overview and Selecting the Right Area
  5. Introduction to Local Teams

Part 3 – GO!

Week 3

Reviewing Properties and Making Offers

Week 4

Reviewing Inspection Reports

Week 5

Getting Ready for Closing

Week 6

Owner Crash Course

Week 7
  • Purchase: Closing Docs
  • Aspects of Asset Protection


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 Fees – 7 Weeks to Ownership

Training is offered in two formats: Personal One-on-One and as a group.

  1. VIP (One-on-One) – $9,500
  2. Group session – $6,500


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    What exactly will I be learning?

    You will learn to entire process of buy a rental property. From choosing, to evaluating and analyzing, through inspection and all the way to understanding what investment-ownership is all about.

    What kind of experience or knowledge is required?

    Beginners with no experience and investors with experience are welcome to participate.

    What is the time commitment?

    We’ll be meeting for straight 7 weeks, on a set day for about 2 hours at the time each training session.

    What are the main differences in group vs. VIP?

    VIP means we work only with you and with your schedule.
    It also means we can expedite the process and accomplish it in less than 7 weeks.

    We are married couple and are investing our funds together, do we need pay double?

    No. Couples investing together pay the one fee.