Rented Fort Worth, TX // Off Market [code: 813]


This one is off-market and if you can let me know as soon as you can about it.

Main benefits of this property
  1. Approx. $15k below market value – some equity from day one
  2. Rented – see more details about it below
  3. Off market – less pressure
  4. Manages by SDI's PM – more info and transparency about the house and tenants

Few things about this one:
  1. This one, is coming from one of our other investors who needs to sell because he needs funds 4 something (positive) happening in his life and for that reason he wants to sell soon.
  2. The house is managed by our property management company in DFW.
  3. The house is tenant occupied. 
    1. They pay 1580/mo. Market rent is 17 to 1800.
    2. The lease with the current tenant ends at the end of May (less than 2 months)
    3. The tenant has been there for 2 years.
    4. There are no issues with late payments, or problematic tenants – on the contrary, these are good tenants that are communicating well without any equal issues.
    5. The tenants are roommates and they have one dog. 
      1. They are two friends, duck moved in together two years ago and everything in the background check and credit score passed without any problems or issues. Plus, we have the 2 years of rental to know exactly what's going on.
    6. Lease is a standard TX assco. of realtor issued lease.
    7. Security deposit is ~$2240, held w/ the PM.
    8. Lease ends at the end of May. In TX if a renewal is not done they switch automatically to a month 2 months.
    9. Lease can be reviewed after the offer is accepted (as part of the due diligence) 

Our agent walked the house last Sunday (5 days ago), here are his notes + video: 
I walked the house today. I thought the house looked great. It’s no spring chicken but everything felt fine to me. There is one thing you will notice, there is a patch on some of the siding on the front of the house. We had a pretty big storm roll through a week ago and a tree limb damaged the siding. The repair is being made, we are just waiting for the matched siding to come in. Supply chain issues required us to order and wait for the item to ship to Texas. 

Please see the dropbox link 

Email me,, with more questions.

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