Rare Nashville Find! [Code: 1606]

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After 15 Years (no mortgage) 
Original purchase price$211,500
Total investment (out of pocket)$59,105
15 yrs Project house value$380,900
Value (appreciation) Gain$169,400
15 yrs cash-flow generated$38,812
Total Gain$208,212
ROI (15 yrs)352%
ROI (annually)23%
Free & Clear cash flow (yr.)$14,326
Free & Clear cash flow (m)$1,194
  • 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom single family property 
  • Close to all amenities and to I-24
  • Around $115/mo. cash flow 
  • Solid wood cabinets
  • Quiet residential street
  • Highly appreciating area
  • Low initial cash outlay.  Perfect for the beginning investor! 
  • Move-in ready
  • 26 days on the market which provides additional negotiating opportunities
  • Wood deck off the back kitchen area of the house
  • 1/4 Acre lot
  • B rated schools

Why should you consider this house / what makes it a good investment?

  • Built: 2013
  • Size:  1,128 sq ft
  • Quiet residential street, Desirable community, B rated schools

            What's next?

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            Metro: Nashville

            Team: Fred – email directly at nash1@simplydoit.net

            Code: 1606

            Property Specifications1
             Square Feet1128
             Year Built2013
             Garage Size0
             Schools Rating (on scale of A-C)B

            Purchase AssumptionsMy Offer
            Offer used for analysis$211,500
            Suggested offer (low)$209,900
            Suggested offer (high)$211,500
            Market Value (after improvements)$211,500
            Improvements (lower)$1,500
            Improvements (upper)$2,500
            Closing Costs$2,115
            Mortgage Costs$2,115
            Other Fees At Closing$0
            Total Cost $217,730

            Financial AssumptionsMonthlyYearly
            Rent (upper)$1,375$1,425$17,100
            Rent (lower)$1,325$15,900
             Property Tax Rate (Approx.)0.6% 
             Property Taxes$106$1,272
            Variable-Cost PM8.0% 
            Property Management Fee$110$1,320
             Leasing Fee50%$28.6$344
             Vacancy Rate4.0% 
             Total Fixed Expenses$470$5,643
             Total Expenses (Fixed + Mortgage)$1,298$15,573

            Financial Analysis / Deal Attractiveness    
             Cap Rate2.3%3.3%4.4%5.5%
             Net Cash Flow$6,853$19,586$38,812$65,207
             Equity Increase$59,308$132,150$221,643$331,626
             Total Gain$66,161$151,736$260,455$396,832
             Average Cash Flow/Year$1,371$1,959$2,587$3,260
             Average Cash Flow/Month$114$163$216$272
             Average Gain/Year$13,232$15,174$17,364$19,842
             Average ROI111.9%256.7%440.7%671.4%
             Annual ROI22.4%25.7%29.4%33.6%
             Projected Property Value$257,322$313,072$380,900$463,423

            Property Ratings Suggestions
             Item   Suggested Criteria (Min.)This PropertyFAVORABLE /
             Schools  BBFAVORABLE
             Square Feet 10001,128FAVORABLE
             Bedrooms 33FAVORABLE
             Bathrooms 22FAVORABLE
             Year Built 19702013FAVORABLE
             Rent/Price (%) 0.75%0.67%INSUFFICIENT
             Average Cash Flow (at year 5)$125$114INSUFFICIENT
             Average ROI (at year 5)15%22.4%FAVORABLE





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