Multiple C Rented Houses in Kansas City [code: KC11]


Read First

  • This is a C rated properties – we gave it C rating due to the lower schools rating and ages of most properties. 
  • Seller's agent already indicated that they have one “weak” offer and 2 or 3 others have called and seems serious buyers (as of 2/8/2022)
    • -> It's important to proceed as soon as possible 
  • Why consider buying any of these houses:
    • Pricing is much lower than we see for similar properties throughout the metro.
    • Lower pricing provides a lower threshold for some investors.
    • We have net discovered red flags that prevent from considering buying 
    • Most (possibly all) houses have been update in recent years
    • Most (possibly all) houses are occupied/rented, which means generating rent from day one
    • Coming in as a group provide a better buying chances in a competing market


  • Price per house is based on what Simply Do It thinks we should offer. 
  • Seller put an asking price of ~$1.9MM for all the 11 houses and DID NOT break pricing per house. 
  • Pricing has not been agreed MORE INFO . . . .

Group Purchase

  • Option 1 –  If you have a group of investors interested in buying this entire package as one entity, we can help you accomplish that, and can assist with securing funding too.
  • Option 2 – If you prefer to be a part of a group that will buy all properties (cash) and interested in putting $100,000 or more, let us know. MORE INFO . . . .


Specs & Rents

Pricing & School Info

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