KC SuperPack: 12 Rented Duplexes Built 2005-2011

Read First

more details and info: http://reistart.com/MV7e5 

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  • The information listed below is based on public info + info provided by the seller's agent.
  • Simply Do It's team has not been to the site/s yet.
  • As always w/ such package – info provider or info obtained online is not 100% accurate.
  • Located 30 mins south to Kansas City.
  • Pricing is per building/property.
  • Each building/property is 2 units/doors (side by side).

The following questions were sent to the seller – we are still waiting on answers:

  1. Do you have seller disclosures?
  2. Do you have a list of known repairs, known issues, major issues?
  3. Do you have a list of improvements made and when?
  4. Any known issues w/ any of the tenants?
  5. Is it owner-managed or professionally managed?
  6. Are there signed leases for each occupied unit?
  7. Are there security deposits for each occupied unit?


Buying Preference

  • Priority will be given to a buyer/s who will buy multiple duplexes.
For photos, pricing, property specification, and more – http://reistart.com/MV7e5


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