Investment Opportunity St. Louis

Here's a great investment opportunity to invest in a home with some value add potential! 
92 Beachcomber Dr, St Louis, Missouri 63146
Metro: St Louis
Team: Nathan Dehn // (314) 607-6252 // Nathan Dehn
Suggested Offer:
Purchase Price: $260k (Asking is $265k)
Earnest Money: $3k
Financing: appraisal contingency
Other Terms: none
Close Date: 30 days, or sooner if cash. 
If this is not the right opportunity for you, but love the area, here's another opportunity and I can send you more info about it: 12320 Design Lane (estimated $3800/yr in cash flow)



Agent: What I love about this deal:
  • Grade A neighborhood
  • Centrally located in St. Louis close to the most major highway (I 270)
  • Average home price is $250k in neighborhood (so you're not buying the best house on the block)
  • Average rent in zipcode is over $2000
  • Extremely close to commercial stores like Kohls, Trader Joes, ALDI, and many restaurants.
  • This neighborhood has seen an average of 7% appreciation each year over the past 10 years. 
Estimated optional repairs to increase value and rentability:
– bathrooms
– basement flooring
-basement paint walls
AProperty Specifications1
 Square Feet2100
 Year Built1960
 Garage Size0
 Schools Rating (on scale of 0-10)A-
Replacement Cost ($/SqFt)$100
BPurchase AssumptionsMy Offer
Suggested offer (low)$255,000
Suggested offer (high)$260,000
Suggested offer (options)$260,000
Land Value (%)25%
Building Value (%)75%
 Market Value (after improvements)$275,000
 Improvements (lower)$10,000
 Improvements (upper)$15,000
 Closing Costs$2,500
 Mortgage Costs$2,500
 Other Fees At Closing 
 Total Cost $277,500
FFinancial AssumptionsMonthlyYearly%
Rent (upper)$1,850$1,900$22,800 
Rent (lower)$1,800$21,600 
 Property Tax Rate (Approx.)1.42%  
 Property Taxes$270$3,25015%
Variable-Cost PM7.5%  
Property Management Fee$139$1,6658%
 Leasing Fee75%$57.8$6943%
 Vacancy Rate4.0%  
 Total Fixed Expenses$742$8,90440%
 Total Expenses (Fixed + Mortgage)$1,618$19,41287%
1Financial Analysis / Deal Attractiveness
 Cap Rate4.0%4.9%5.8%6.8%
 Net Cash Flow$16,654$40,509$72,316$112,901
 Equity Increase$79,670$176,085$292,773$434,010
 Total Gain$96,324$216,595$365,089$546,911
 Average Cash Flow/Year$3,331$4,051$4,821$5,645
 Average Cash Flow/Month$278$338$402$470
 Average Gain/Year$19,265$21,659$24,339$27,346
 Average ROI116.8%262.5%442.5%662.9%
 Annual ROI23.4%26.3%29.5%33.1%
 Projected Property Value$334,580$407,067$495,259$602,559

With a higher budget for updates, could push the rent up to $2100
Lots of comparable homes in this area! 

Please text, call, or email me back if you're interested in this awesome opportunity!