Exciting news if you have close to 10 mortgages

Hello and happy Friday,
This is NOT an April Fool joke!  
We are very excited to announce another program that helps Simply Do It clients invest better
If you have close to 10 mortgages or you have 10+ mortgages already . . . we have found (TY Jesscia Pool) a lender that will lend up to 20 mortgages at fair market terms. 
While most of the program and qualification is straightforward, there is some consideration about the debt-to-income-ratio and credit score (credit score of 680+). 
This program is relevant for rentals, primary and 2nd homes and in all Simply Do It's states + almost in all 50 states, CA included.
They offer full document income qualification as well as bank statements and asset depletion options for even more flexibility. 
There do not seem to be any difficult or special qualifying terms to meet for guidelines on this program.
If you want to know more, speak to the lender or even start a process of qualification – please let me know and we will get you in touch.
If you are not close to 10 mortgages yet, just know we have great things waiting for you in the future and hopefully you'll be there very soon! 
All the best, 
Dani Beit-Or
Simply Do It Investing
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