7 Town-homes

Property Specifications1
 Square Feet1873
 Year Built2013
 Garage Size2
 Schools Rating (on scale of A-F)B
Purchase AssumptionsMy Offer
Offer used for analysis$310,000
Suggested offer (low)$300,000
Suggested offer (high)$310,000
Market Value (after improvements)$330,000
Improvements (lower)$3,500
Improvements (upper)$6,500
Closing Costs$3,100
Mortgage Costs$3,100
Other Fees At Closing$0
Total Cost $321,200
Financing Assumptions 
 Down Payment (%)25%
 Down Payment Amount$77,500
 Financed Amount$232,500
 Interest Rate3.50%
 Mortgage Term (Years)30
 Monthly Mortgage Payment$1,044
 Cash Outlay (Total Out of Pocket)$88,700
Financial AssumptionsMonthlyYearly
Rent (upper)$2,200$2,300$27,600
Rent (lower)$2,100$25,200
 Property Tax Rate (Approx.)2.2% 
 Property Taxes$416.67$5,000
Variable-Cost PMFlat Fee 
Property Management Fee$100$1,200
 Leasing Fee80%$73.3$880
 Vacancy Rate4.0% 
 Total Fixed Expenses$871$10,452
 Total Expenses (Fixed + Mortgage)$1,915$22,980
Financial Analysis / Deal Attractiveness    
 Cap Rate4.6%5.6%6.6%7.7%
 Net Cash Flow$20,352$49,343$87,870$136,928
 Equity Increase$95,450$210,963$350,770$519,992
 Total Gain$115,802$260,306$438,640$656,919
 Average Cash Flow/Year$4,070$4,934$5,858$6,846
 Average Cash Flow/Month$339$411$488$571
 Average Gain/Year$23,160$26,031$29,243$32,846
 Average ROI130.6%293.5%494.5%740.6%
 Annual ROI26.1%29.3%33.0%37.0%
 Projected Property Value$401,495$488,481$594,311$723,071
Property Ratings Suggestions
 Item   Suggested Criteria (Min.)This PropertyFAVORABLE /
 Square Feet 10001873FAVORABLE
 Bedrooms  34FAVORABLE
 Bathrooms  23FAVORABLE
 Year Built  19702013FAVORABLE
 Rent/Price (%) 0.70%0.74%FAVORABLE
 Average Cash Flow (at year 5)$125$339FAVORABLE
 Average ROI (at year 5)15%26.1%FAVORABLE