$400/mo. Cash Flow on Nashville Metro Fixer [Code: 3749]

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Why THIS deal??
  • 66 Days on the Market.  Great Negotiation Opportunity! 
  • ~ $405/mo. cash flow 
  • Price recently reduced by $25K on 8/21/22
  • $16.5K instant equity if suggested offer is accepted
After 15 Years (no mortgage)
Original purchase price$269,500
Total investment (out of pocket)$82,765
15 yrs Project house value$515,070
Value (appreciation) Gain$245,570
15 yrs cash-flow generated$103,522
Total Gain$349,092
ROI (15 yrs)$4
ROI (annually)$0
Free & Clear cash flow (yr.)$23,879
Free & Clear cash flow (m)$1,990
  • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath Single Family Detached Residence
  • 66 Days on the Market.  Great Negotiation Opportunity! 
  • Located on a quiet residential street in a suburb neighborhood
  • ~ $405/mo. cash flow 
  • Price recently reduced by $25K on 8/21/22
  • $16.5K instant equity if suggested offer is accepted
  • No HOA costs
  • Quick to  I-24 & I-65 , just north of Nashville city center
  • The house is in need of some repairs. We are unaware of the extent of repairs, but upon inspection – we can request additional price reduction or withdraw
  • 0.24 acre lot

Why should you consider this house / what makes it a good investment?

  • Built: 1986
  • Size: 1,211 square foot home
  • Low crime, Desirable community, Quiet residential street

            What's next?

            Email/text for address, analysis and to get connected to Simply Do It's local team that handles this transaction.

            Metro: Nashville

            Team: Fred – email directly at nash1@simplydoit.net

            Code: 3749

            Property Specifications1
             Square Feet1211
             Year Built1986
             Garage Size0
             Schools Rating (on scale of A-C)B/C

            Purchase AssumptionsMy Offer
            Offer used for analysis$269,500
            Suggested offer (low)$262,475
            Suggested offer (high)$269,500
            Market Value (after improvements)$286,000
            Improvements (lower)$9,000
            Improvements (upper)$11,000
            Closing Costs$2,695
            Mortgage Costs$2,695
            Other Fees At Closing$0
            Total Cost $284,890

            Financial AssumptionsMonthlyYearly
            Rent (upper)$2,150$2,200$26,400
            Rent (lower)$2,100$25,200
            Property Tax Rate (Approx.)0.6% 
            Property Taxes $146$1,752
            Insurance $130$1,560
            Repairs $70$840
            Variable-Cost PM 8.0% 
            Property Management Fee$172$2,064
            Leasing Fee50%$44.8$538
            HOA $0$0
            Vacancy Rate 4.0% 
            Total Fixed Expenses$642$7,703
             Total Expenses (Fixed + Mortgage)$1,805$21,665

            Financial Analysis / Deal Attractiveness    
             Cap Rate5.9%7.1%8.3%9.7%
             Net Cash Flow$24,365$58,532$103,522$160,460
             Equity Increase$76,895$172,051$289,943$436,184
             Total Gain$101,260$230,583$393,465$596,644
             Average Cash Flow/Year$4,873$5,853$6,901$8,023
             Average Cash Flow/Month$406$488$575$669
             Average Gain/Year$20,252$23,058$26,231$29,832
             Average ROI122.3%278.6%475.4%720.9%
             Annual ROI24.5%27.9%31.7%36.0%
             Projected Property Value$347,963$423,350$515,070$626,661

            Property Ratings Suggestions
             Item   Suggested Criteria (Min.)This PropertyFAVORABLE /
             Schools  BB/C#N/A
             Square Feet  10001,211FAVORABLE
             Bedrooms  33FAVORABLE
             Bathrooms  22.5FAVORABLE
             Year Built  19701986FAVORABLE
             Rent/Price (%)  0.75%0.82%FAVORABLE
             Average Cash Flow (at year 5)  $125$406FAVORABLE
             Average ROI (at year 5)  15%24.5%FAVORABLE



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            Information contained herein was obtained from sources deemed reliable, however, Simply Do It and/or the owner(s) of the property make no guarantees, warranties or representation as to the completeness or accuracy thereof. The presentation of the property is offered subject to errors, omissions, changes in price and/or terms, prior sale or lease or removal from the market for any reason without notice.

            The analysis is provided “As Is”. All the information is believed to be accurate (except for the small effects of some simplifying assumptions), but is not guaranteed, and depends on the values entered for the property. This analysis is intended for the purpose of illustrative projections. The information provided is not intended to replace or substitute for any legal, accounting, investment, real estate, tax, or other professional advice, consultation, or service. Simply Do It and/or the owner(s) are not responsible nor liable for any damages arising from the use of the analysis info.