Understanding & Implementing Land Trusts for Real Estate Investors

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Tuesday, February 20 – 7 PM - Los Angeles

Thursday, February 22 – 7 PM - Irvine

Tuesday, March 6 – 7 PM - San Francisco

Wednesday, March 7 – 7 PM - Sunnyvale

Randy Hughes – Land Trusts Made Simple

Wed. 3/22 7 PM – 9:30 PM Irvine CA

Michelson Dr & Harvard Ave

Wed. 4/19 7 PM – 9:30 PM Universal City CA

Universal Hollywood Dr & Hotel Dr

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Everyone has heard of land trusts or so called “title holding trusts” but no one knows how to work them.

Learn to use land trusts to strategically hide property, protect privacy, and shield assets.

Come and discover how you can get time, freedom, and peace of mind to fearlessly build businesses without worrying you’ll lose everything.

Learn to protect your assets with powerful rock-like protection!

These lessons are essential to your RE career, so join us to rid liabilities and achieve financial privacy!

Randy has been a full time real estate investor since 1969. After acquiring several properties, Randy finally realized that he should take some time to learn how to protect those properties from deadbeats and their lawyers (frivolous lawsuits).

Over 30 years ago, Randy started learning how to set up and administer his own title holding Land Trusts for privacy and asset protection. Over the years, Randy has become THE national Land Trust expert in the United States.

Randy will be teaching you the many benefits to using a Land Trust to not only protect assets but make more profits out of each deal.

Here are a few of the benefits Randy will talk about:

• Using a Land Trust when selling on a contract to protect against buyer default

• Delaying the California 3.3% sales tax (on each transaction) until YOU can afford to pay

• Keeping out of the county court house records (and the benefits of doing so)

• How to use a Land Trust when lease-optioning

• Avoiding the due-on-sale clause in any mortgage

• Keeping your business private (from nosey neighbors, tenants and relatives)

• Protecting your hard earned assets from outside attack (frivolous lawsuits)

• Using a Land Trust as a Pre-Nuptial Agreement

• Avoiding the California $800.00/yr. franchise tax

• How to link your Land Trust with other asset protection entities

Come to this unusual meeting and learn valuable information that will be useful in your real estate investing business.

Dates, Locations, and Time

Wed. 3/22 – Irvine

Wed. 4/19 – Los Angeles / Universal City

Event Starts – 7:00 PM

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