Flip Houses Like a Pro Without Lifting a Hammer or Quitting Your Day Job (Recorded: 2016-12)

Recorded: December 2016 by Dani Beit-Or

Course includes: PDF Presentation File, Recorded Video Access.

My name is Dani Beit-Or, CEO of Simply Do It.  I have been investing in real estate full-time since 2004.  In 2012, I flipped my first single family home in Atlanta, GA, all while living in California and doing the project remotely; sight-unseen.

Since then, I have flipped approximately 100 houses in Boise, Tampa, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, and Houston.

I had to develop systems and processes to enable me and my investors to be able to repeat the flipping process successfully again and again.

During this webinar, we will share these processes and systems with you – the busy person, whether you have experience or not.

We are here to teach. This webinar will be full of usable content, not sales pitches.

  Do you want to flip properties for profit and not just talk about it? This course covers:

  • Why you should consider flipping
  • What prevents you from flipping
  • Flip Anatomy: What’s involved in conducting a flip
  • Can you flip remotely
  • Case Study
  • Analyzing a Flip
  • Cash, private lending, conventional lending, and other resources to participate in a flip
  • Q & A Session



About The Speaker

Dani Beit-Or: Investor, Expert, CEO

Based in Southern California, Dani Beit-Or is an investor and a leading figure in residential rentals and flips. Dani has been successfully buying rentals and flips since 2002 — all have been out-of-state investments. Having completed more than 100 successful flips, Dani will share his methods and processes as an investor for flipping properties without having to be a professional or quitting his day job.